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Camera systems to view night-time visitors – advice

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Camera systems to view night-time visitors – advice

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    As my birthday is some weeks away, and my children need direction from
    “The Department of Subtle Hints “….
    would forum members be kind enough to suggest an inexpensive way to record night-time visits to my back patio please?


    Hello – including a 32gb memory card this trail cam cost me £110

    It’s currently unavailable so you’d have to look for another model (or try and buy from somewhere else). You need to know how to use a USB cable to download the films or stills – but I’ve had some great footage of rats (eugh), mice, cats, hedgehogs (2 together) and a fox. Have put a couple on – will be adding more now things are starting to get more active again (have captured literally hundreds of films over the past year).

    This camera works day/night and can be used in still or video mode. Also captures audio. Needs 8 batteries and they last about a month. Tracey

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    Hi Hettie

    My first camera was from one of those catalogues (mail order) which you get with magazines. Easylife. It cost about £80 (earlier this year) without a memory card. They take photos or video or both. The first one I got had something wrong with it, but there was no problem getting it replaced and the replacement works fine – although the light is quite bright if it is shining on something too close. Wires to attach to computers and tv came with it.

    The second one came from a shop it is a Konig. I got it when the first one was going wrong, before it was replaced, as I had some ‘present’ money. It was a bit more expensive, but not much. The picture is probably not quite as clear, but it has a wider angle picture, which is useful. It takes either photos or video.

    I remember on the old forum when people were asking about cameras that someone warned that some on amazon were thought to be counterfeits. I have no idea whether that is correct or not.

    Also on the old forum several people mentioned getting trail cams from Aldi quite cheaply. Not sure of the price. Apparently they only have them at certain times of the year, but I think that time may be coming up soon now. I have seen video from one of them and the picture looked good.

    Not sure how arghund manages to get the batteries to last for a month. With mine they sometimes only last one or two nights. Because I was getting through so many, I have taken to using rechargeable ones even though they don’t recommend them. I think it may be because the camera is 6v. You are supposed to be able to use it with either 4 or 8 batteries. The normal batteries are 1.5v each and rechargeable ones only 1.2. but I have found if you put 8 in it seems to work ok. Someone – can’t remember who now, has a solar panel to charge their camera, which they were recommending – not sure of the price of those.

    I have heard some people talk about using ordinary security cameras. Not sure how they work or whether they would work out cheaper – ease of use, etc.

    Good luck – Hope someone takes the hint!


    Hi Heather

    I bought my trail camera about a year ago from the non-profit organisation NatureSpy. Their prices are reasonable, and the aims of the organisation are worth supporting. You can see the current version of my camera at:

    I have used it to capture stills and videos of the wildlife in my garden, including Hedgehogs, flocks of Starlings and even a Badger in my garage!

    I hope this helps.


    I bought an Ardwolf wireless security camera which is suitable for indoor surveillance. It has motion detection function and allows you to check or monitor your home on a smart phone. But if you are looking for a camera for your patio, a wired CCTV may be a choice. Or maybe have a dog.


    If I had a time machine I would go back and buy WingHome trail cameras because I have had one that has been in the woods everyday since 2017, that is the bee’s knees!
    All in all, relatively low price, super high quality!

    winghome trail camera picture


    Aldi do a very good camera – when I bought mine it was £60. However they only have them in stock sometimes – worth checking your local store

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