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can someone tell me….

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    why any hedgehog ‘action’ takes place just outside my camera range! I can see the edges of two, or sometimes three, hedgies engaged in some sort of biffing contest but its always just on the edge of the images!! A bit like the ‘old fashioned’ paper maps when the place you wanted was always on the edge of two sheets! frustrating!! However I now have loads (and I mean loads!) of videos of hedgehogs scratching, drinking, going into the feeding station or sometimes just walking straight across the shots. Im not complaining but I just wish they would be a bit more considerate and let me see whatever they are up to!

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    Sounds about right DwarfHog! You’re lucky there’s anything there at all – often they have just gone completely out of range! One of their many talents – how to avoid having your image captured on camera! Now and then they let the guard down and perform nicely for the camera and that makes up for all the almosts, hogs dashing across at speed and part hogs.

    Seriously, though, that is why I always recommend that people watch them in real time as well. You see so much more and if you are interested in behaviour it is really the only way. But, you will probably find it won’t be long before you have more clips saved than you know what to do with! My collection of memory sticks full of hog videos is growing alarmingly!


    Indeed, I often wonder what action I miss off camera. For me live watching isn’t possible but I do sometimes see a hog feeding when I get up early enough. That said I did catch this action on cam the other night, I’d never seen a hog balled up to protect itself from another hog before.


    lovely!! I do have cam footage of one of mine rolling up and then being biffed under the fence by a bigger hog! these small snapshots are worth all the “empty’ footage or footage where a hog just runs like the wind from one side of the screen to the other! I cant watch at night either but we do get them in the garden from about 8.30pm so I sometimes spot them going into the feeding station – or even sitting in the feeding station when I am a bit late delivering supplies! Very much a case of ‘you just can’t get the staff!’

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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