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Cats eating hedgehog food

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    Hi SmurfPrickles

    I thought I had found some hog food that the cats didn’t like, but it seems there is always one! The thing that has worked best to keep the cats away is the see through perspex type set up which I explained a few posts back. It has the advantage, if you have limited space that you can easily move it out of the way for day time.

    Now, whilst the cats still pay fleeting visits, they seem to think it’s too much trouble trying to creep under the sheeting. I have it close to a hog feeding box, which I have finally persuaded the current hog visitor to go into, and the perspex prevents the cats from getting into the box as well. The current hog visitor can just squeeze in – so the cat food goes in there. Previously, I found that a cat could get in, despite making the doorway very small.

    Good luck – hope you find a solution that works for you.


    I have found that putting a terrocotta plate of food under a roof ridge tile (I have a fancy finial which looks quite decoarative in the garden, blocked at one end against a bank or with a flat roof tile has allowed hoggy access to food but disuaded cats and magpies from dragging it out. Does not stop the rodents but they don’t seem to consume that much.


    Having the same problem. I have a hedgehog house, with an L shaped tunnel and a tiny entrance hole, but one particular cat can get in anywhere and eats whatever I put out for the hedgehog. It seems particularly fond of the hedgehog food!
    Did you discover anything at all that cats don’t like? I researched insects and seeds but it seems that these are potentially bad for hedgehogs.
    I really am at a very frustrated loss.



    Hi Kredski

    If you look at my reply to JFDrake above, I explained the arrangement I have which seems to have worked to keep cats away. I have the perspex type stuff a couple of inches away from the feeding box entrance. So you can put food under the perspex (for the hogs who prefer to eat out of doors) and it also stops the cats from getting into the hog box, so that food can be put in there. I thought I had found a food that cats didn’t like, but you will find there is always one cat who will eat it!

    Another thing you can try is if the ‘corridor’ of the feed box goes immediately left or right you can put an obstacle the opposite side (i.e. largish plant pot filled with soil – or something else heavy enough that a cat can’t move). I found that if cats were going to get into boxes with that sort of ‘corridor’ they needed to enter at an angle and with the obstacle there it makes it very difficult. But since I have had the set-up mentioned above no cats have got into the box.

    Good Luck


    Hi Everyone, I have followed this post with great interest as I have the same problem with a stray cat coming in at night and stealing all or most of the hedgehog food I put out. So First of all I tried putting the dish of food under and clear storage box with an access hole for the hedgehog, nope cat got in, so made the entrance smaller just the size for hogs…nope cat crawled in, so decided to put a piece of wood in front of the entrance extending about a foot either side of the entrance with a gap of 5 inch so the hedgehog could navigate the gap then access the hole in the storage box and get the food, nope cat figured that out and managed to crawl in and out!. So next step put 3 bricks inside in front of the dish inside the storage box with the entrance plank and top attaching it to the storage box, nope last night the cat managed to navigate all that and still get at the food, ggggrrrrr!!!!… so my question to everyone is, has anyone tried the RSPB cat scarer that clainms it has no effect on Hedgehogs? I have had a quick look through the this web site but could not see anyone mentioning, so have I missed the thread or article? if not what does the champions think?. I have had hedgehogs for 3 years as far as I know, may have been longer but only noticed 3 years ago and feel a bit miffed if this one cat is going to ruin it for me. I note that sprays etc are not advisable as the Hedgehogs use a powerful sense of smell and I film them most nights and I see how much the nose twitches searching for the food. Anyway, can anyone help?



    Hi mikesouth

    I suspect the cats got in with the wood 5 inches from the entrance because they usually seem to enter at an acute angle to the doorway. So if you place an obstacle at one side of the doorway as well it makes it more difficult to get in. This is if you have an internal corridor turning immediately one way or the other. Place an object the opposite side to the way the corridor goes.

    Re. the cat scarers. I am not convinced that any of those electronic scarers do not effect hogs, despite what some retailers claim. There is no way that they can legitimately/reliably test this. From my own experience, at one time I tried putting out a rodent scarer during the day time (which some claim don’t effect hogs). Once I forgot to remove it before the hogs arrived and I saw a hog pass by and visibly flinch as it did so. So I certainly wouldn’t use one.

    The perspex arrangement I have described previously under this topic is still succcessfully keeping cats at bay, when many other methods which have apparently worked for others, have failed. Try combining the perspex arrangement with an obstacle one side of the entrance.

    Good luck.


    Hi everyone,

    Nic, thanks for your advice but Im afraid my visiting stray has a bigger IQ than me and a better contraughtioist than Hudeeni!!!! tried what you said and still its getting at the food, I have come to the conclusion this is not just some ones cat out for a stroll its a starving stray and will do anything to get at some food. I have caught sight of it during the day and it seems fit enough but its unkempt and very scruffy looking, matted fur etc.
    I have even tried narrowing down the corridors either side of the bricks inside the box to just above 4 inch just enough for the hedgehogs to get through but still the cat manages to get in and back out even with 3 tight 90 degree corners to navigate!
    But, the news is that I do not know if the hogs are aware of this but they seem to be coming more regular and more often earlier in the night than the cat so there is still plenty of food around!! Therefore they are getting the food before the cat gets here. 4 visits last night and food almost gone before the cat got in there.
    Thanks for your help though and I think this will become a constant battle but one Im sure with help form us all the hedgehogs will champion!



    Hi mikesouth

    Clever hogs! They do learn to come earlier. I used to only leave the food out for a few hours, whilst I was still up to watch (and to give them plenty of time to forage as well) and they soon learnt to come whilst it was still there. Of course in those days, because I was watching so much of the time, I was able to scare any cats away.

    Hope the hogs continue to outwit the cat.



    Hi all
    I am new to the forum but cut my hedgehog holes last summer, installed my hedgehog house just after that. Whilst the food I put out disappears, in the last few days I discovered a rats’ nest under next door’s patio so I suspect I have been happily feeding the local rats. I am obviously addressing the rat issue, but does anyone have any experience of inadvertently encouraging rats?


    Two 90 degree bends and then a very low feeding box should do the trick. I battled with two cats for a long while but they cannot/do not go into my current Feeding Station.

    If you search for @Hals_Urban_Hedgehogs on Instagram you’ll see my setup

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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