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Cheapest fox deterrant

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    Human urine!

    Someone who is a wildlife expert, told me my own urine would make a deterrant, but tiger urine is better.

    Don’t know where to get tiger urine, amazon doesn’t sell it, and it probably is expensive, and it will run out.

    So instead used my own, well it’s free and unlimited supply – and it has worked.

    1st night, camera videoed the fox sniffing it and went away, then came back, sniffed it again and went away again.

    2nd night, same fox sniffed it again and ran away this time.

    It’s the same fox, as this fox has got a limp, it’s walking with it’s right paw held up.

    I had to take action, as I have a lovely cute hedgehog that is sleeping in the hedgehog house for the past two weeks, and that’s where the foxes hang out and spy on the hedgehogs that pass through.

    Thankfully, it hasn’t appeared to have bothered the hedgehogs, they are still coming and eating all the food, although there is a lot less of them since last month.

    I’m concerned that the foxes have been getting to them and hence why there might not be as many hedgehogs.

    The hedgehog, who I’ve named Sparkle, who is sleeping in the house, went missing last night. She ate the food, and I saw her go back into the house early evening, but it wasn’t empty today. I’ve been feeling really down today as I thought the fox had gotten her. But I’ve just checked, and she’s back and taking a nap in the tunnel.

    I wish she wouldn’t take a nap in the tunnel though, because if she is asleep with her spines down, it would be easy picking for a hungry fox, but there’s not a lot I can do about that.

    Glad she’s back and safe and well.

    But if anyone has also got a problem with foxes hanging around your rabbit, guinea pig, or around the hedgehogs, try putting your own urine down, see if that helps.

    Also, the wildlife guy said to put prickly things as brash over the hedgehog house, such as brambles, and rose stems, as that also works as a deterrant for foxes going near the hedgehog house.

    So when I do some pruning that’s what I’ll do, I have both rose bushes and brambles, which do need cutting back anyway, so that’s good.


    We don’t have a major problem with foxes…..yet
    But I have noted the solution.
    Just re roses over HH house.I would guess you want to know that it won’t blow off in the wind as HH might get thorns in its feet.
    Just a thought.
    Good luck with the foxes


    I have used the same ‘solution’ a few months ago when I fox started to appear and it seemed to work as no sighting for months. However, had a new fox sighting last night, so will have to take appropriate action !!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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