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    I’m getting rats (and cats) attracted by the cat food I’m feeding my hogs.
    Of course a rat can get into the feeder box..
    Seems ok when I give them mealworms, although I’m wondering if rats will eat these too?
    Apparently chilli powder stops squirrels from eating bird food (and the birds don’t mind), but I’m guessing hogs won’t like chilli …
    Does anyone know? Cheers!


    I’ve found dried hedgehog food is less appealing to cats then cat food, I don’t know about rats but I’ve never seen any on camera .
    It’s probably best to avoid feeding hedgehogs mealworms as they can cause serious health problems this pdf file from Vale Wildlife has more information on that and what to feed and what not to feed.
    As for the chilli I doubt hogs would appreciate that, they have a very good sense of smell and I imagine it would put them off.

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    Hi sonicam

    Steevo is right, mealworms are not at all good for the hogs, but rats would eat them anyway. Some rats don’t like cat/kitten biscuits, so if you can rig up a cat deterring feeding area, that might be your best bet. Lots of ideas on the forum. I agree I wouldn’t want to be feeding the hogs chillipowder, but don’t actually know what they think about it. But on the basis that they are more similar to squirrels than they are to birds, they may not like it either.


    I’ve also had a rat issue recently so got one of these…


    I’ve only had it out for two nights and the first night a hedgehog set it off from the outside of the trap🤦‍♂️
    They use a pressure plate on the inside and are really simple to operate. Hedgehog setting it off here…

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    Just be aware Bushnuffler that hogs can and have been caught in humane rat traps. So I would be wary of setting them at night when hogs are around and could potentially be trapped in there for hours.


    Is that hoglets or full grown hogs? I assumed there would be no way an adult hog could fit in as the entrance is only 6 cm wide. I’ll weigh the trap down so if a hog tries to squeeze in it will make it easier to drag itself back out, can’t see any way an adult could make it all the way down to the pressure plate and trigger the trapdoor. I’ll definitely keep an eye on the situation as I check the camera every morning.

    I don’t really care about mice/rats eating some of the hog food but I can’t encourage rodents in the area as I have thousands of pounds worth of snacks in my garage for my business.

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    Hi Bushsnuffler

    I believe it was adults, although I don’t know the design of trap. But you could put it up higher – somewhere a hog couldn’t climb. But they can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces and we are coming up to hoglet time. Hedgehogs can climb better than many people give them credit for, but aren’t as good climbers as rats.

    Can quite understand you don’t want rats around, especially if your business is at risk.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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