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cleaning out a hedgehog home in April

Home Forums Champions’ chat cleaning out a hedgehog home in April

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    I got a really nice hedgehog home, made for me where I work. And something has definitely been inside it – at least once last week, and again this weekend – as I put straw in the tunnel and it’s been flattened, and also the leaves I put inside, some are now in the entrance, so a hedgehog must have dragged the leaves out with it’s feet when it left the home.

    However, all though it’s a lovely made hedgehog home, with really thick wood, it doesn’t have a lid, and I can only look inside by looking into the tunnel.

    What I’m worried about is how do I clean it in April, as I might not see that there is a hedgehog in there. I assume people clean there hedgehog homes during the daytime sometime in spring, but during the day, if a hedgehog nests there, it will be occupied, so is it better to wait til night time.

    What does everyone else do. I wish now I’d bought one with a lid, but I really wanted the one I’ve got as it was made by a carpenter at work and it felt more special to get it from him, rather than purchase one off the internet.

    I saw some hedgehog homes in a garden centre this weekend and they weren’t up to the standard of the house I’ve got, they looked quite filmsy and the wood wasn’t all that great, but they had a green circle hoglitet which was really good, and I wished I’d saved up and bought that instead. Perhaps I’ll save up and get that home aswell at some point.


    The only way with your house will be to check the entrance for signs of traffic to know if it’s in use or not. I place some straw in the entrance and see if it gets moved. They should have got up in April but there’s no guarantee that they’re not still hibernating, wait til late April/early May depending on the weather.

    In checking the entrance for usage be aware that the hogs know you’re doing it and they WILL wind you up! I normally leave the straw in place for at least 3 nights before deciding to clean it out and you can guarantee that they’ll wait til the 3rd night before disturbing it. This year they dragged this out for two whole weeks before I was certain! They’re evil like that.


    bless them. So happy as the straw and leaves have been disturbed again in the entrance of the home, so there could actually be a hedgehog nesting in their now – not just visiting. It’s hard to tell as I put a lot of straw in it, and I can only see straw and leaves, I can’t see inside of the home. But there could very well be someone who’s decided to nest.


    Hi Hedgie Lover, for not too much money you could get, or borrow someone’s, inspection camera! Used to look under floor boards or wherever workmen use them for. I have one, but, I omitted to drill an air vent hole big enough to put it through to check. I haven’t tried pushing it down the tunnel as something is in the house and I’m so annoyed with myself for not making a hole the right size near the top of the side panel and now, no idea when I’ll get the chance too. Little minxes they are. Best wishes

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    Hi Hedgie Lover

    Is there any chance the person who made your hog box might be able to make some alterations at some stage. It’s so much easier for cleaning (at the appropriate time) if you have a lid that opens, or if not that, at least a front. If he’s a carpenter, they are usually quite clever at finding solutions to things like that.


    I’ll ask him – I’ll let him know that the hedgehog houses really could do with a lid.

    i don’t think I’ll get an inspection camera, but that sounds like a good idea – I’m just gonna check in april just by looking in the tunnel, and only if I’m 100% there is no hedgehog in there, I’ll clean it.


    Hi Hedgie Lover, now you probably think I’m quite mad! I bought the inspection camera from one of the cheaper supermarkets. It wasn’t expensive and I use it to check nest boxes and roosting pouches to see if the birds and bees have gone. They are quite good things to have for investigating under wardrobes and all sorts. Best wishes.
    PS, the gravel trays not become part of the garden yet


    that’s good, I’ll have a browse then, and see how much they are – well I found out who’s nesting in there – it’s Huffy – I’m so happy.

    So I’m definitely not gonna disturb it, as I don’t want him to get traumatised and up and leave, he already huffs at me when he sees me, although I love him to bits, I think he doesn’t like me.


    Hi Hedgie Lover, oh, take no notice of him huffing at you, he’s a genuine male! But are’nt they always around at meal times! No seriously, as long as you don’t think somethings wrong with him, if he’s claimed your house it’s wonderful. Best wishes.


    He had claimed my house, but another hedgehog, Klepto, stole it from him, and biffed Huffy when Huffy tried to go in to his home. Klepto is currently sleeping in the home, I don’t know where Huffy has gone.

    At least the hedgehog house is being used, but not by Huffy anymore, unless Klepto moves on.


    Hi again, poor huffy, evicted and it’s not even the landlord that did it….in other words you have a squatter! Now your thinking, should I get another house, aren’t you? It’s gone through my mind as well. We are all quite mad… Best wishes


    I certainly didn’t evict him no.

    I am thinking about another house yes, I like those green hogitats, but think I’ll just stick to the one, I am seriously considering putting an extension onto the feeding station, another box, linking the first one with a tunnel, with another entrance- There was 3 tonight in the box – all fighting each other, and pushing each other to get to the food – so perhaps they’d appreciate two.

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