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Concerned about a hedgie

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    Hi, I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place but must ask if anyone else has noticed this behaviour as I am a bit concerned (probably needlessly)
    One of the hedgies coming for food is a fair bit smaller than others. I placed a tin of baked beans near the feeder to get an idea of her size and she is just a bit larger than the tin so I expect that’s OK. But as I watch her eat I see her little body goes in waves, something like a slow shiver, but her top half contracts while the wave passes through. She doesn’t eat much of the supplementary food compared to the other greedy hogs but spends ages eating a few biscuits, maybe she’s just a slow eater?
    She seems much jerkier than the other hogs when eating too, but really I wonder if this contraction of her upper half is normal as I haven’t seen it in the others?
    I did ring the nearest Rescue Centre to ask and the lady said only be concerned if she is out in the day or obviously injured, otherwise as long as she eats/drinks don’t worry. Easier said than done though !!

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    Hi daffydill

    It isn’t my area of knowledge so I can’t really comment about the hog, but I would be inclined to get a second opinion from a different rescue. They do vary quite a lot in terms of experience, etc. But it might at least set your mind at rest. But they may be willing to take a look at the hog and check it over.

    Good luck. Hope the hog is o.k.


    Hi Nic
    Thank you so much for your reply. I haven’t seen the little hog for 3 nights now but we’ve had rain so hoping there’s lots of natural food to find. There are 2 other regular visitors that have an hour or so of of circling, snuffling each night so guessing m & f ! but they usually end up sharing a dish of food eventually! I can only compare to those two healthy looking hogs to the other – which is what concerns me.
    The lady at the rescue centre said size/weight isn’t important now and also it wouldn’t be wise to pick a hog up as it might be pregnant this time of year (I’m very reluctant to stress any animal unnecessarily of course).
    I will follow your advice to ask a different rescue what they suggest – hoping I get another visit of course. There are very few rescue centres in my area sadly. I was hoping a rescue centre may have been familiar with this little hogs behaviour, in case it’s a neurological symptom due to a high infestation of external or internal mites?
    I do appreciate this forum and the help offered, plus love all the different stories from others.


    I am updating on my anxious post above ! The little hedgie I was so concerned for arrives every evening nowadays and seems to prefer the food bowls outside my French windows (what luck !!) over the identical ones further away, so I have been closely watching her eat.
    I have not seen a repeat of the strange movements when she eats since. She seems to eat (slowly and not much) but without those odd spasms, so I am much relieved.
    I am just wondering if hedgies get hiccups ?? Because with hindsight that could be what I was seeing? A hiccupping hedgehog eating?
    She is little compared to the other one or two I that come, but scurries about, eats and drinks so I must stop worrying but do wonder about hiccups ? !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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