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    Was putting food out in the ‘Diner’ earlier, around 7PM & pleasantly surprised to discover a little Guest in other half, nested up in the straw..

    A little concerned now, as it’s still there at 9 & no signs of venturing out.. looks like the one I saw the other evening limping, so I’m worried it’s not well as I’ve never had one stay in the day as it’s predominantly a feeding station..

    ..I’ve checked again, since – it’s breathing & does react when I lift the the lid.. will check again in the AM – but if it’s still there, thinking I should probably call the local rescuer & get it checked over..???

    Any thoughts..???


    Make sure there is plenty of water around incase dehydrated. I would get help if you are unsure but the hedgehogs do come out later as it stays lighter longer.
    If you think it may have an injury I would get it checked over especially if you can get hold of it.
    Good luck and keep us posted


    YES, catch and contact your nearest carer


    Thanks both, for your replies – yes, there’s always a full tray of fresh water at the Hog Diner!

    Thought this was unusual – I know they’ve stayed for ‘cat’ naps before, but they never stay over night – & to have one in there so early..

    ..footage from last night shows her leaving around 2AM with quite a severe limp – but then returning at a pretty good lick a while later! Clearly not putting much weight on that back leg though..

    I’ll not put food in there tonight, so it’s less busy – maybe some fresh bedding – hopefully she’ll revisit so I can get her up the Docs, bless her..


    Hi puds.
    The hedgehog needs help asap.
    Please keep us posted.


    Hi, Simbo – yes, I spoke to both BHPS & my local Wildlife Care Centre & both agree – but with the concern that this a female, they might have babies near by.. activity last night without food on offer – the previous nights, I’ve not put any out hoping she might rest up again, but apart from catching the male & her on film having a nosy & actually, motoring around a lot better even on her 3 good wheels..! No sleepovers! It still looks like she holding weight off it, so does need a look over..

    Catch 22.. it doesn’t look like I’ll get her in the box in the day again any time soon – & if I catch her at night with the lure of food & a midnight stake out, I’d end up potentially distressing her keeping her from her babies overnight..

    ..this time of the year, the Centre likes to check them over while you wait, so you can return them to their usual habitat ( if they’re able to release them )

    Box, blanket & gloves at the ready, but I’m concerned AND torn, now..!!


    Hi Puds

    She needs catching as soon as you possibly can and taking to your nearest carer. Any babies are likely to be fine overnight and to be frank if her injury gets worse she’s likely to be dead and then so will they be. Sorry to be so blunt but you are not getting very good advice. You need to get the hog to a carer as fast as possible.
    It is even possible that she is a he, in which case it’s just had prolonged suffering for nothing
    Please catch this hog and get it help


    Thanks, Stef – Yes, Mission ONE is to catch the one with the dodgy leg, ASAP..!

    Tricky one last night..! Checked in on the feeder around half 10.. only to be greeted by TWO of our little friends! Wasn’t expecting that – so when both felt happy enough they dashed off at a fair lick..! & nipped under the fence at their usual entry / exit.. ( so not my Lady with the Limp, then….??? Well, I thought not.. ) to get my gloves, just in case! Moments later, shouts from the house “..there’s a ( third ) hedgehog at the front door!!” Tracked it down to the border & retrieved it to let it chill on the lawn for a bit – nope.. no injuries!

    So, more comings & goings & another one ( assuming one of the regulars ) back in the box.. but moving Ok, no sign of an injury.. UNTIL around the camera catches that one leaving around 3AM.. WITH A LIMP! So, it WAS there the whole time, but not a hint or clear indication of the injury..

    So.… the plan tonight..? Three boxes at the ready, minimum – catch any that I can & let them all chill a bit, unroll one at a time, until I find my Lady!!

    Who’d’ve thought..??? Just like the Buses.. you wait & wait & then 3 come along at once..!!! LOL!


    Updates! So glad to report after several failed attempts, I finally caught up with ‘Florence’ last night.. chance – I went to check the Box, disturbed some young foxes in the process, so certainly didn’t expect to see any Hogs in town, but sure enough – as per, there she was, my Lady with the Limp!!

    Boxed, fed & watered late last night & straight up to the Wildlife Hospital first thing this morning – she’s in over night at least, having her leg seen to & given antibiotics.. private room apparently, TV & Wi-Fi.. but no visitors after 9PM!!

    Will let you know how it goes.. : )

    Avatar photo

    Hi Puds

    That’s brilliant news. Glad to hear your perseverance paid off in the end and that Florence is getting some help.

    Love the name, by the way – very clever!


    Update! So.. turns out ‘Florence’ isn’t a Florence after all.. ( but I’m struggling to come up with a male equivalent other than ‘Herb’ (( chosen by my daughter! Short for Herbie.. renowned for getting around on less than all four wheels, I guess..?! )) LOL!

    After a week at Hogpital under the fantastic expert care of an amazing team – having been given the full MOT & a course of antibiotics, HE was given a clean bill of health yesterday, ready to be returned to his regular patch..

    Full actioned packed overnight footage shows one healthy Hog back at the Diner, happily exploring & with barely the merest hint of a limp – leg looking normal again..

    ..but also showed the ‘Welcome Home’ he got from, I’m presuming, the actual resident Female.. who, on sight, promptly ‘biffed’ the poor fella from one end of the ‘park’ & back again in double quick time..!!! No more worse for wear, he shakes off the leaves & hay & gets back to doing what these fab little creatures do best! Happy Days!! : )


    Great news your little boy is back- How about Florian for a name?
    Think it’s good your daughter has come up with a name though and Herb is good too.
    Keep us posted if you see him getting up to any more antics

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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