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Daytime worry.

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Daytime worry.

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    Well my little band of hedgehogs are getting far more frequent, almost everynight now. We have had them in past years but almost accidentaly bumped into them but this year things are more defined, Started off with what I presume is a mid sized female then her and a youngster, then a large male then all 3 but not always together. The worrying bit, 15:00 yesterday the female came bimbling up my garden slope (steps for walking, slope for mower) and onto my patio. Everything about her seemed fine, I shot out and dropped some mealworms in her path, she hid for a few minutes then ate them all and off down the slope again and disappeared into the hedge. Later at 22:00 she returned with the youngster and all seemed perfect again, the Hog arrived aroud 23:00. I know daytime activity is not usual but everything did seem fine with her, it is definitely the same one, just wondering if she knew there was a good chance of a meal if she did venture out? There is water available but she took no notice of that. Thoughts?


    Hi, I have heard that females with young will sometimes come out during the day but 3pm seems very early. It’s usually evening by the time they come out, even if it’s still light. I think the earliest I saw the female in my garden was about 7pm, but that’s when the babies were still very small and not coming out the nest yet. Is the youngster you’ve seen definitely with the female, or could they belong to someone else? Hope someone can come up with real advice, cos I’m not at all sure.

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    Hi Chico_W

    Females with young in the nest will sometimes come out during the day (could be any time of day, especially if it’s hot), and if it was moving purposefully, hopefully will be ok. Not how sure you are that the hog with the young one was the same one, but if not, she may have some even younger ones somewhere in a nest. But also occasionally hogs will be disturbed from the place they have chosen to spend the day, so could be moving to another location. If a hog was looking sluggish or lying in the open I would be concerned.

    But also an injured hog may turn up during the day to the place where it has found food. That has happened here a couple of times. Almost as if the hogs knew that was the place to find help. Then, if the injury isn’t obvious, it is almost instinct knowing something is wrong (i.e. that maybe there is something odd about the way the hog is moving/behaving). If you are ever concerned that a hog is sick or injured, put it in a high sided box or pet carrier with torn up strips of newspaper or a small towel to burrow in and provide food and water then ring 01584 890801 for advice or for contact details of your nearest hog carer and take their advice. You can give them more details than is possible here.

    I’m not sure whether you know that mealworms are not good for hogs. They have an imbalance of phosphorous and calcium which leads to calcium being leached from the bones. They are especially dangerous for hoglets who can grow in a deformed manner as a result. Although I realise you may have offered a few, just for that occasion and don’t normally offer them to hogs – hopefully that was the case. But, it’s best to stick to cat/dog/hog food for hogs.

    It’s great that you provide water – it’s possible she may have wanted some of that and been distracted by your presence.

    Fingers crossed they are all ok.
    Good luck and happy hog watching.


    Well, I am not too worried now, since then she returned every night in the company of others and I saw her in the garden today at 17:00 and she is back tonight. I am just thinking she know where to get stuff now and is taking advantage. She is easily distinguishable as she has an area of spines on her side that almost look sanded off a couple of mm from the others, no idea what it is she looks very healthy.


    and mealworm part noted.Thank you.

    They were just something I have for the birds and the hogs ate them if they got a chance, will take it all onboard.


    Well the daytime female continued to be seen at moments in the day but always stayed in the garden, did not venture past my gate. Unfortunately she did at night and one morning a few days ago got hit on the road. I picked her up and buried her in the garden. There are still others but she was always the most noticeable. Last night an unknown female turned up out of the blue, definitely not the previous.

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    Hi Chico_W

    So sorry to hear about the poor hog. So sad when that happens. You might want to enter her on the Big Hedgehog Map – it might help other hogs in the future.

    I hope the other hogs continue safe and well.


    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss Chico. I’m glad that at least she’s buried where she clearly loved to spend her time.


    It seems that she was the instigator of feeding from my little spot and although I know that they are around haven’t seen the others for a while. It is always a shame to lose one but with the range they cover it is always a risk.

    I have tried to use that map in the past and I am either very dense or it simply does not work for me.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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