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Dead hedgehog

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    I have regular visitors to the garden which I feed and provide fresh water. This morning I was shocked to find a dead hedgehog on the back lawn. It looked perfectly healthy with no signs of outward parasites or frothing. Have reported to BTO. Anyone else had a similar experience with a seemingly healthy hog. Feel gutted.

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    Hi greenpeabean

    So sorry to hear about the poor dead hog. That must have been a nasty shock for you.

    Sadly, some hogs do die of natural causes. But, it isn’t always possible just by looking at them to tell whether they are healthy or not. Being wild animals they are likely to put on a good show of seeming well until they really can’t help it, by which time it can be too late.

    Well done for reporting it to BTO you might also be interested in:

    Don’t forget to also register the hog on the Big Hedgehog Map (as well as the live ones). That way at least it’s death might be of help to other hogs in the future. I always think of it as a sort of memorial to the hog.

    I hope the other hogs continue to be o.k.


    Many thanks

    It was a terrible shock, poor hog. Must have died in the night as stiff when I found it. I have found poorly ones in the day time but never one like that.

    Will register as suggested.

    Will keep a close eye on the other hogs. They are eating the cat biscuits and drinking plenty of water so fingers crossed.


    Yeah it comes as a terrible shock, you have my sympathies. I had a nest with baby hedgehogs and cried for ages when I found the body of one of the babies. But as Nic says they often don’t appear to be unwell until things are really bad, so I doubt you could have done anything in any case.


    Thanks Kitty. Can understand how you felt when you found the poor little hog.

    Been keeping an eye on the others and they appear to be ok so fingers crossed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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