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Dead hedgehogs spotted.

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Dead hedgehogs spotted.

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    I was out cycling yesterday afternoon and sadly saw two dead hedgehogs in the road as I passed through a couple of villages. Not seen any like that for a long time here but now have. I suppose it is due to the early darkness, they are out and about earlier. I just wish motorists would slow down and watch out for wildlife, too much rushing these days.

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    Hi ElsieD

    I was so sorry to hear about the two dead hedgehogs. Sadly, changing of the clocks is not good news for the hogs. Never a good thing to see. Having said that, there are hoglets around at the moment and they are often more at risk, it seems.

    You may like to register the hedgehogs on the Big Hedgehog Map – accessed via the Home page of Hedgehog Street. It all helps towards our knowledge of the bigger picture of what is happening to hedgehogs and I always think is a way, even though small, of honouring them and making the fact that they existed count, for the benefit of other hogs.

    I hope next time you see some hedgehogs they are living ones. Good luck.


    Hi Nic, I feed one every night so thankfully do see at least one live one. We seem to have a decent population in our village as I talk to different people and they say they see them in their gardens here. I have registered mine already but will try to do it with the dead ones now too. Incidentally last year the ones I was feeding, two actually, stopped coming in exactly on November 1st. This year I am still feeding, was wondering if it is because the weather is warmer this year?


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    Hi ElsieD

    Really pleased to hear that you have a live hog there as well. Hedgehogs are notoriously unpredictable. There are so many variables about when they hibernate, which we don’t really fully understand. It isn’t always only to do with the temperature, though. A few decide not to hibernate at all and others don’t hibernate until December.


    Hi Nic,

    It is still coming in to feed, I am continuing to be surprised as the weather has been dreadful here recently. I have been expecting to find a full dish of food in the mornings for a few days now but not so far. I am interested to see if it is going to hibernate at all. It is a large one by the way, has been coming all the spring and summer. Last year I had two small ones during the autumn. We also found a sick one in our back lane last year. Took it to the vet but the poor thing died after 4 days. They think it was lung worm. I will continue to update you if you don’t mind. It is nice to talk to someone who knows about them.


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    Hi ElsieD

    I am glad to hear the hog is still doing well. (Sorry to hear about the poor one last year.) You say the food is disappearing, but are you actually seeing the hog as well? I ask this because, whilst the cats left my garden alone for quite a while, they are back now and at least one has decided it quite likes hog food. (seen on video) Very irritating! Luckily there is usually some left for the hog – down to only one last night, but it was pouring with rain and the wind was howling. Not hogs favourite weather, I don’t think!

    You’re absolutely welcome to keep updating us. That’s part of what the Forum’s here for. It’s always interesting to hear about hogs!


    Hi again, just to update the large hedgehog has now stopped coming as far as I know but I have seen the little one for the last two evenings. It usually comes for food around 6.30 to 7pm most evenings. It is half the size of the large one. I know for a fact no cats come into my garden as I have wire fencing around the top of the walls and garage all the way around my garden. The only cat that goes out there is my own and she doesn’t like the food I put out for the hogs. Anyway, this morning all the food gone again. The previous two nights there was some left each morning. I am wondering if the big one has returned so will be watching closely. They feed just outside my kitchen door so I can see them quite clearly. We used an old built stone bbq and covered it so they could go under to feed, works very well as it is sheltered. There is also a bowl of water in there. The hogs come in through a hole we cut in our wooden garden gate, too small for cats. I will let you know when they stop coming, surprised they haven’t already though, very cold here now. As you say, we don’t know what triggers hibernation, would love to know that. Regards. Elsie.

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    Hi Elsie

    Sounds as if you have the cat situation pretty well covered!

    If you get the chance, it might be worth weighing the small hog. The recommended minimum weight for hibernation is 450g. If the hog is less than that, it might need to go to a hog rehabilitator to be over-wintered. There are some tips on weighing etc. on this topic:

    Sometimes you will get a hog who decides not to hibernate at all – I had one here last year. He visited every night except about 2 when there was snow that was too deep, even though I cleared a path up my garden for him! We had some pretty cold nights last winter, but he still turned up, although he did disappear into a nest he had made in one of the food boxes, for a warm up between snacks.


    Hi, that is interesting, I may try that if I can catch it at the right time. It is about half the size of an adult. Still coming in for food, saw it again last night a little later than before. All the food gone again this morning. Not sure if it is the only one coming in mind you as I don’t look out there in the middle of the night. I will keep you informed. Regards Elsie.


    I managed to weight our little hog last night and it was 430 g so am now a bit worried about it. Though it shows no sign of stopping coming for food yet so should I just see what happens? It is only 20 g off the recommended weight and might just put that on over the next few days. As the weather here is not too cold yet that should let it carry on feeding I think.

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    Hi ElsieD

    I think, I were you and the hog is coming regularly for food, and you know your weather conditions there are not too bad, I would be inclined to leave it, when it’s that close. It can be very stressful for them going into captivity and is not a guarantee that they will survive. They do tend to put on weight very quickly at that age and hopefully it will continue coming for food. You may find it harder to catch it a second time anyway!

    Fingers crossed the hog keeps visting a little while longer.


    As a rehabillitator I would also advise leaving it. If it’s still eating regularly then it’s not gearing up to hibernate yet.
    Far better to leave as stress of captivity can cause all kinds of problems


    Right, just as I thought, I will continue to feed. At present we have very wet and windy weather but the temperature is not bad. My husband made a hedgehog house yesterday and we put it in a quiet part of our garden. I don’t expect it will be used yet but my fingers are crossed. Maybe in the spring but we will see. Saw the little chap again yesterday evening about 7.30pm and all the food is gone again this morning. Thanks folks, good advice is worth a fortune as far as I am concerned.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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