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disappearing hedgehogs

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    Hi, am new here, but have always loved hedgehogs. Have been feeding for a few months but have noticed my hedgehogs have disappeared for the last five days. A bit early for hibernation so am a bit concerned for their welfare. Any ideas?

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    Hi possum22

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Don’t worry too much, hogs do tend to disappear from time to time, for all sorts of reasons. One of them is hibernation – some males do begin to hibernate as early as September. Normally the males disappear first, then the females and then hoglets – although some hoglets, in particular, decide not to hibernate at all.

    Hopefully the hogs return, even if not until the Spring. The early hibernators can return as soon as March. I would continue to offer some food, despite the current absence of hogs (even if a bit less than usual), but especially leave water available all day every day, even through the winter. Sometimes late hoglets appear as if from nowhere and would probably welcome some food. Also the hogs might just be visiting other parts of their ranges and return soon.

    Good luck – I hope all turns out well.


    I was worried about my hogs too, as the disappeared for 10 days. Luckily one of them turned up again last night. So I was out in my pj’s at 4am putting more food out for them.

    How ever I’m wondering about putting more food out with in raining, as I haven’t got around to creating a dry feeding station for them.

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    Hi Butterfly2honey

    Out in your pj’s at 4am – that sounds like dedication! But it’s good to hear that a hog turned up again.

    There are various things you can use as shelter for food, fairly quickly:

    – Perspex sheet balanced on bricks of earth filled pots at each corner and weighted down above – you could also use a sheet of wood (or other material), but wouldn’t be able to see through it, of course.

    – One of those plastic footstools placed over a food bowl.

    – The top part of a covered bird table

    – Small plastic table.

    If all else fails, unless it’s really pouring the hogs may not mind the food getting a bit wet, if it’s originally dry cat/kitten biscuits.

    Good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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