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Distance needed between hog hibernation boxes

Home Forums Champions’ chat Distance needed between hog hibernation boxes

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    Have one hog using a box , how far apart would anyone recommend siting other boxes ?

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    Hi 1peanutbutter

    I think it’s more to do with where there are suitable locations to site the boxes, rather than distances apart. Not sure that there is any definitive research about distances, as such. If you have some good quiet, sheltered, shaded places in your garden then I wouldn’t worry too much about whether they are too close together. (although I would avoid making them semi-detached, just in case there is a noisy neighbour!) The hogs might change houses at some stage, anyway, so might find it quite handy if there’s another one nearby.

    Just maybe try not to make too much noise around the box which is being used, so as not to disturb the hog in there. Plan before you move, is probably a good idea. Also it’s best to put the houses where you are planning to leave them long term. i.e. don’t move them too often – some hogs need them to become part of the landscape before they use them.

    Good luck. Hope some hogs move in to your expanding hog ‘estate’ soon!


    Hi, the hedgehogs hibernate in a brick room at the bottom of the garage. It’s not too big, was used for brushes, canes and odd bits of wood. Can’t get in as hinges are solid, but had 2 females and a male in there together! Laughably, they each made there own arch shaped hole in the door! I read they didn’t hibernate together, but perhaps that’s just for a purpose made house. I shouldn’t think it would matter if you put them next to each other. Best wishes.


    FYI my houses are only 4ft apart and both were occupied last winter. Another year I had one hedgehog using both and switched between them quite often. So, I don’t think distance is really an issue.

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    Hi Annker

    It’s good to hear that hogs have been making use of your brick house. Hogs don’t normally hibernate together. By which I mean in the same nest. If they find a suitable location, ie. under a shed or your brick house, outbuildings which have easy access, etc., more than one might decide to make a nest there, but are most likely to have separate nests within that space. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, though!
    Very enterprising hogs making their own doorways!


    Hi Nic, yes, I thought it was funny (ha ha) a medium sized arch a small one to the left, then a large one appeared at the right, so 3 went up in sizes. I used to think Dinky Minky must have driven them mad! She was the small one from last year and was awake the longest, running up and down three times in the night to the feeding station. I’ve been outside when she went back through the door, all I could hear was leaves crunching about! I’ve still not seen her or mum Kitty. I assume the two little ones are daughters of one of them. Now Big Benny has disappeared again. Last seen two nights ago. My neighbours cat was sat watching one of the little ones and skirted a wide ark around it but then a bit later, Benny came out of the feeding station, trotted off round the back and the cat went charging after it! I have a feeling he’s a gentle giant, he’s very careful, makes the light come on then walks round the feeding station having a good look inside before he goes in. He’s been in with one of the little ones a few nights ago and they ate together, so doesn’t seem to be a bully at all. Just hope he’s OK. I will get onto the road signs soon, I’m just having a todo with Highways over some traffic lights at the moment…. Best wishes.


    I currently have 3 together in one single nest inside a hedgehog box. It is a Mum and her two babies and they seem quite cosy and happy in there together.


    Hi, your hog must have had some late babies and I think they will be quite happy together due to them being late. I know Kitty had Dinky Minky with her last winter, but as I said, I thought she must have driven them mad running in and out all night going to the feeding station. The only problem I can foresee is the babies getting hungry and coming out looking for food if they are underweight. If they are all in a small house they may start disturbing mums hibernation sleep and perhaps they may need care. Hopefully not, best wishes.

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