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Do hedgehogs follow old routes ?

Home Forums Hedgehog tales Do hedgehogs follow old routes ?

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    Hi Nic

    I have not seen any sign again except that one night i mentioned . so it seems i am having a same problem as you as i have a rat not sure if more than one ? but i’ve seen it going in and out of one of the homes and eating the food . I now think that’s why they all haven’t come if they know rats are around . I never once seen any last year on my camera and i had it out all through summer and winter . I’m not sure i want rats running around with my kids in the garden and i’m sure that’s why my hedgehogs have stopped coming .



    Hi Yvonne

    Sorry to hear no hogs again. The rat here is still around, but mostly not eating the hog food, except if there are any ‘crumbs’ left in the morning. I started putting the food out much later because it seemed to come earlier in the evening. I have also had to stop feeding the birds, though. I’m hoping if it doesn’t find any food it will go elsewhere. But one night (before I had worked out this plan) it actually jumped at a hogs face. I think some of the hogs were scared of it, but not all.

    I can quite understand that you don’t want rats around, especially with children around. I think if I were you I would stop putting food out for the hogs (so that there’s no food around for the rats at all) for a while at least, until the rats disappear.

    Good luck.


    Hi Nic

    yes i’m just feeding soaked meal worms to my birds so there is no mess with seeds etc left invade the rats comes , they scoff them all up with nothing left over .
    I am almost scared to put my camera out now because i dot want to see what you have said a rat attacking a hoglet etc . They must have somewhere safer to go. i hope . i’m sure it won’t be just one rats so not sure if i need to catch them
    hope your little rat leaves soon too , the breed fast i read so that is worrying me xx



    Hi Yvonne

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the rat jumping at a hog – I suspect the rat would come out worse when it meets with all those spines. The hog here just put up it’s spines and that was the end of that! So I would keep your camera running, otherwise you won’t know whether it’s gone, or even better if some hogs visit when you aren’t up and about to see them.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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