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Do hedgehogs live together and feed together at 10am in the morning. Strange ?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Do hedgehogs live together and feed together at 10am in the morning. Strange ?

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    Hi, I have just found a hedgehog nest in my shed about a week ago when I saw one coming out during the daytime to look for food. I started putting food out in the shed which was being eaten with gusto. I normally only put out 100g each night for local hogs (which i still do at the back of the garden) however, 300g was being consumed throughout the day at intervals. I had a little look and saw a nest with at least two hedgehogs in it but these looked mature, slightly small but not what I would expect for hoglets. I have since seen both outside and they appear the same size but both are using the nest. They are approx. size of 2 apples together. Not a large hedgehog but not a baby either? I am confused as I would have thought if these were grown hoglets they would not be living together and would have left the nest by now. I was under the assumption that hedgehogs do not live together. Can anyone shed any light on these two beauties whom I feel privileged to be feeding and have curled up in a straw nest under some pallets in my shed?


    Are they still coming out during the daytime? This behaviour would need looking into
    However if you are just feeding them during the day in the shed it could also be learned behaviour and not that there is something wrong
    More info would be needed so I suggest you contact your nearest carer for advice

    More and more we are hearing of hogs sharing a nest. This could be just that we didn’t know they did before.
    More likely I think is that they have a smaller accessible area to live in these days and so have started to share.
    Also hogs that are overwintered juveniles are often kept in contact with other hogs as it eases stress and so it could also be a change in hog behaviour that we are seeing
    Whatever the reason that in itself is no cause for concern


    Hi I have 2 hedgehogs.i have had them from 2 weeks old they were abandoned by there mother so my wife took over. They are now 9 weeks old living in the garden and they still sleep and eat together. They are brother and sister. Next spring I will open garden up so they can be really free


    The foster carer, told me that this winter just gone, she had a wild hog sleeping in the main chamber of one of her wooden hog houses and one that chose to sleep in the tunnel.

    Last autumn, Walter, a big old hog made a permanent winter home in my wooden hog house, but I saw on one night a smaller hog go in there, then shortly after Walter went in there, but the smaller one didn’t come out – and I think they might have shared for just one night.


    That is so lovely 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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