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Do I clean out the hedgehog's nesting box?

Home Forums Champions’ chat Do I clean out the hedgehog's nesting box?

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    I have a nesting box in the garden. Last year I put hay in it and I think a hedgehog has made a home inside – although I’ve never seen it there is a round tunnel through the hay and I’ve seen what looks like hedgehog poo in the garden.

    So, should I clean out the box now, ahead of the winter, and put new hay in? Or just leave well alone?

    Advice gratefully received.

    Thank you, Sue


    If you haven’t cleaned it since last year then I personally would jut to get rid of ticks etc. However, if there is a hedgehog in it then you need to leave it alone.
    So my advice is check. If it’s empty then clean and put fresh hay in and around it


    I also have the same query. I have a hedgehog house which I think is being used. I’ve seen our hedgehog a couple of times, and presume it is sleeping in the box. I also have a “diner” – a plastic box for the hedgehog to go inside to eat. I put new hay in the house when I first put the house out – about 2 months ago. I’m not sure when to look inside as I don’t want to frighten the hedgehog. I too wonder whether I should replace the hay. If the hedgehog is sleeping in it during the daytime, when is it advisable to look inside. The house I have was from Ark and has lid over the whole house.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Hi Chris

    I think Stef advised cleaning out the hog box to SueSB because it had not been cleaned out since the year before. She also said ‘… if there is a hedgehog in it then you need to leave it alone. ..’.
    It is now a few weeks later and even more hedgehogs would have begun their hibernation. My feeling is that now may be a bit too late and that it would not be advisable to interfere with the box unless you are absolutely certain that there is no hog in it. If you are not sure, I would leave it until the Spring. Maybe leave some nesting material nearby so that if it wants to, the hog could do it’s own ‘housework’. They do, apparently, sometimes change nests during hibernation time.

    You might be interested to read:

    Although please bear in mind that ‘2) Is anyone home’ (how to find out) doesn’t really work at this time of year when the hogs may be hibernating and not come out of the box daily.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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