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Do ultrasonic cat scareres also scare hedgehogs?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Do ultrasonic cat scareres also scare hedgehogs?

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    Having unfortunately just found a mutilated hog on the front lawn, we have decided to look into getting another ultrasonic cat scarer but do they scare hogs as well? Not sure if a cat can do the sort of damage this one suffered but as they scare foxes as well, might be worth a try. Don’t want to scare the hogs away but need some kind of deterrent as there are too many cats in the neighbourhood and 2 more hogs in the back garden.

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    Hi priddles

    That’s a difficult situation. Cats normally leave hedgehogs alone, so it’s unlikely to have been a cat. Some foxes do apparently become specialists at killing hedgehogs and if you have the misfortune to have one of those in the area or, if you have a badger in the area, it would probably be best to stop feeding the hedgehogs (if you are feeding them). Also is it possible that a dog could get into your garden?

    Re. ultrasonic scarers. I don’t believe the manufacturers of those scarers are able to do tests with hedgehogs, so that there is no evidence that they do not also scare hedgehogs. I only have experience of a rat scarer in relation to hogs. I tried one once, years ago, just in the daytime and one night a hog turned up early before it was taken in and I saw it visibly flinch when it went past the repeller. So I would not use them with hogs around.


    I think I sorted out my rat problem, purely by mistake and a lot of stupidity.

    There was a rat in the feeding station, and, I don’t know what I was thinking of, but the brick on top of the FS, well I picked it up to tap the roof of the FS with it, as i thought that would scare it off. It sure did scare it off, but I also smashed the lid of the FS which I had to replace. But at least the rat didn’t come back. For that night, i had to get some gorilla tape out and tape the smashed bits, to ensure the hogs got some dinner. Luckily it came off in big pieces so I could fit it together.

    The idiot that I am, fancy using a brick to hit a plastic roof! Doh


    Hi Everyone, I need some advise please!
    There is a natural gap in the fence between us and our neighbour’s garden, which is where the hoggies come in and out every night. I have the camera set up in front of it. A couple of weeks ago a huge plank of wood had somehow fallen behind the neighbours shed and lodged in the gap! We managed to use a saw, brute force and elastic suitcase belts to re-establish the hole, thank goodness! A few times we have seen cats and foxes sniffing the gap from our side, only for their faces to appear through the hole on the other side soon after!!! Every time this has happened we have seen Hogs afterwards, going in and out, which is a huge relief, but we’re really worried about the safety of the hogs! From the pics it looks as though, often, hogs are creating a nest just on the other side of the hole. Last night we saw a cat in the garden, I opened the back door and it ran off, towards the highway. Soon after I saw a hog running across the garden in the opposite direction, only to run back seconds later. Seconds later the cat ran across the garden (away from the hog), only for the hog to race across, toward the cat!!! There were lots of comings and goings through the hole after that, then at 3.49am a fox was sniffing the hole and was then looking out from the other side! About 20 mins later a hog went out, and was near the gap on the other side for a bit, and came back in 15 minutes later.
    I’m so worried! Do you have any ideas to deter them from the gap? Plants? A curved plumbing pipe (which we use to stop the cats and foxes from going in to the feeding boxes)? Is there anything that we could put just on the other side of the fence that the F’s and C’s wouldn’t like, but wouldn’t affect the hogs? I hope someone can help!!

    Thanks, stay safe

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