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Do you think if they are dead?

Home Forums Champions’ chat Do you think if they are dead?

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    We have a hedgehog or hedgehogs that is/are having a nest in the corner of the garden in our house in Eastbourne. We had a house in London and was using this Eastbourne one as a second house. We had been renovating this house in Eastbourne and we moved in from London when the house was done last week. We were worried if our hedgehog/hedgehogs were running away because of big noises builders made but luckily, we made sure that it/they are still going around our garden to look for food back in May by a night camera.

    After that, our gardener trimmed our trees and piled loads of cut branches around the entrance of the nest. Then, builders who were tiling a part of our garden scattered pieces of concrete like things (big pieces and small pieces not a lot) over those branches. We’ve put the night camera every night since we moved in for 6 nights around the nest but no hedgehog on recording.

    Do you think the pile of branches and scattered concrete pieces blocked the nest and our hedgehog/hedgehogs were trapped and died??

    Please forgive my naiveness if I sound stupid.

    Thanks, Okosho


    Why the concrete over the “nest” site? Keep the garden as wild as possible. The hedgehogs usually forage over a wide area (hopefully) for wildlife friendly accessable gardens and may use different nest sites regularly. Sites don’t necessarily need to be covered, although hidden away along a perimeter is best.
    If you are now a Hedgehog Champion download or look at the Hedgehog Champion slides on here or the other listings as to the best places,sites,feeding stations,hibernacula etc.
    Hopefully the hedgehogs are still around; sometimes you might spot their poo!
    I’m assuming that you don’t supplementary feed them……
    Take off the concrete though, quietly during the day; no good to anybody/anything. The Builders should have cleared it properly.

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    Hi Okosho

    Don’t worry about asking questions on the Forum. We can’t know something until we find out about it, so you don’t sound stupid.

    Hopefully the hedgehogs would have been able to get through the piles of branches – hedgehogs are good climbers and they are used to getting through bases of hedges. The concrete pieces don’t sound so good, but if they were only small (as you say) and were mostly on top of the branches, maybe not so bad. But yes, the builders should have cleared things up properly. Maybe they didn’t realise there was a hog home there.

    Hedgehogs change nests at various times and for all sorts of reasons, so they may have moved elsewhere. But if it was a hog box, a hedgehog could use it again. So keep an eye out.

    If there are hedgehogs in the area, it’s a good idea to make water available for them all day every day – including during winter. You never know when a thirsty hog is going to pass by. Wide but shallow plant saucers are a cheap and easy way of providing water.

    Good luck. I hope you capture some more images of hedgehogs on your camera. Let us know how things go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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