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Early Hog Sighting

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    I saw my first hedgehog of the year last night (1st March). This is over a month earlier than previous years and no doubt a result of the unseasonally mild weather.
    I was a bit concerned that the hogs might wake up early so I had been putting out water and food all week but there had been no takers until last night. The hog was a little bit smaller than I’m use too seeing but I guess it had only just woken from its slumber. It seemed quite happy munching away and had a good old scratching session. It then went in to the flowerbeds and I lost sight of it but could hear it foraging around. Then I heard a lot of crunching so I don’t know what it had found, maybe a snail or a crunchy beetle, but I heard this on and off for a little while then more rustling then more scratching!
    Hopefully we don’t have a prolonged cold snap but this morning I have dug out all my hog feeding and water bowls and tonight the hog restaurant will have the ‘open for business’ sign up!

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    Hi Hogmeister

    Good to hear you have a hog there. Being small might be the reason why it has returned early – maybe not enough fat to survive hibernation. Hibernation isn’t only dependant on the weather, although that probably has some influence. Whatever the reason, it’s a lucky hog that you had food and water ready waiting for it.

    I have had a hog visiting here all winter. He has grown quite big and will probably be much bigger than his contemporaries.


    So, so lucky!! I am still feeding a solitary mouse!!


    Hi Nic,

    Good point on the hog size and glad to hear you also have a hog although it sounds like he isn’t one for sleeping.
    I didn’t see the hog last night but this morning one of the food bowls was almost cleared out whilst the other one was untouched so hopefully it paid me a visit after hours and it is ok (I really need to buy a trialcam!!).
    I will keep looking and keep providing food, water and lodgings for all hogs that would like too drop by.


    Hi DwarfHog,

    Whilst keeping an eye out for the hogs I saw a wood mouse on a regulrar basis so maybe they are a portend of the coming of the hogs!
    Hope your hogs put in an appearance soon.


    I had been wondering after seeing about the weather so I put a feather in the doorway of my hog house and some food out. This morning the feather had moved and the food had pretty much gone so they must have woken up and been staying in my hog hotel. Hoping to see them later! Jenny


    Hi Jenny1970,

    I have 2 hog houses but the hogs have only ever used them as day nests, albeit on a regular basis, but never for hibernation sadly but glad your hogs use yours for hibernation (maybe i need to upgrade to a hog hotel like yours!}.
    I have just been watching a hog in my garden, I think its the same one as the other night, so hope you get to see your hogs tonight too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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