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Euthanise hog without cheek and eye?

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Euthanise hog without cheek and eye?

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    ah – poor little fella – at least he got looked at and not left to suffer.


    Swedish article about the hedgehog, robomowers, water, compost heaps – Maybe readable through automatic translation

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    Hi Jens

    Really well done!

    I just did this translation swedish/english on Google. Hope it didn’t miss anything.

    The hedgehog was found severely damaged by robotic lawnmowers
    Warning of strong images

    Jens RÃ¥berg, 47, found a severely damaged hedgehog that was hit by a robotic lawnmower. The life of the hedgehog could not be saved.

    Now, Jens wants to warn about the risks with robotic lawnmowers.

    It was on Wednesday that Jens Råberg, member of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Lindesberg outside Örebro, made a macabre find at his neighbor. A hedgehog was severely damaged in the garden, the missing right cheek, an eye and the ear hung down.
    – It was really covered, even though it behaved quite normally, I understood that this must be killed, says Jens RÃ¥berg.

    Most likely is a robotic lawnmower

    He photographed the hedgehog and placed it in a Facebook group about hedgehogs. A person from Karlstad then offered to drive it to a game keeper after a vetrin decided to kill it.

    Jens RÃ¥berg believes that it is most likely that it is a robotic lawnmower that caused the damage.

    – The wound indicates that since the tissue is gone, it does not look like it would have been an animal that attacked it.

    “Cut Between 8-17”

    Now Jens urges owners of robot lawn mowers to be careful.
    – Don’t start them when the hedgehogs arrive in the evening, instead cut between 08-17. If you want to be extra nice to them, you should have a bowl of water in the garden and a pile of cover material that serves as both food and shelter.

    I think the translation is sometimes a bit strange in places, but it gives the idea.

    I really hope that this article makes a difference to the hedgehogs there, Jens. Good luck with them all.


    Thanks for putting the text here in english! The sentence about “covered” was that it was looking awful. The meaning about gamekeeper and vet is almost as crazy in swedish as in english. The problem is that one person made the interview and another wrote the article. Even in swedish it might be missunderstood that hedgehogs would eat the compost heap instead of the worms. This is even after they swiftly made some corrections.

    Anyway it will put some light on robomowers. I’m happy they did the article!


    Hi Jens, could hardly wait for someone to translate this article, so thanks Nic. Well done, do you think the publisher would pass this to a publication on to someone in this country? It needs to be seen wherever there are hedgehogs living to make their lives better. Best Wishes.

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    Hi Jens

    I had to laugh at your description of the translations – the thought that people might think that the hedgehogs ate the compost heap not the worms! These translations can sometimes lead to some ‘interesting’ results. I couldn’t make out what that ‘covered’ should mean, so thanks for explaining.

    But I’m sure people will have got the meaning of it overall and hopefully it will make people think a bit more about wildlife and hedgehogs in particular. Well done for getting it done.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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