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Every evening!

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    Hello – it’s been a while since I posted on here and last time I had a knuckle rap! I had been feeding dried mealworms, thinking these were fine – not so it seems!!

    We now feed Spike’s Dinner – Delicious Crunchy Dry Food (it says on the bag) so I hope we’re doing ok with that.

    I bought an Apeman night camera a while ago and have had some interesting night time shots…. It’s been a couple of weeks since it was last put out, but the garden has been as busy as ever. A fairly “scruffy” looking hog was spoted one evening before dark drinking from the pond “bird paddling pool” area. there are a lot of dishes out with water in this hot weather, but this li’l chap preferred to use the pond water (as shown in the last image below)!

    Our cat was out last evening and looked like he was just sitting and watching where the large adult was likely to go next!

    We seem to get nightly visits and the “feed house” is nearly always empty of food in the mornings.

    Many thanks for all the work done on behalf of these beautiful animals…

    Night / Evening hedgehog visits

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    Hi MikeDF

    It’s good to hear the hogs are still visiting and have taken to the Spikes Dinner.

    Nice to see your collection of images. Looks as if it is quite busy!

    It isn’t always easy to tell with camera angles, etc. but the little chap drinking before dark looks as if it might be a youngster. If you look at the adult hogs, their heads seem to look quite small in relation to their bodies and the younger ones not so much. But it’s also possible in this weather that that little hog hasn’t been getting enough food and water. (It might be looking ‘scruffy’ because it’s a bit thin). If that is the case, now that it has found you, hopefully that will be remedied. But, keep an eye out for it. If you see it out in the open during the day (just arrived a bit early in the evening is ok), it’s probably a sign that it needs help.

    There is more information about hogs out during the day on BHPS site faqs

    If all your food is gone by morning, it might be worth putting a little bit more out. And I say that because of this extreme hot and especially dry, weather. It is difficult for them to find some of their natural food so what you leave for them is especially important.

    Good luck and I hope you continue to enjoy having the hogs around.


    Hello Nic

    Many thanks for getting back to me – and yes we love having the hedgies about!

    That one drinking was I believe a youngster and I am hoping that they are all getting back to a “routine” as to their time of arrival……..early evening.

    The amount of food they’re taking does seem to vary despite the positions I place it. Generally it’s all gone, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the amount they take. I like to think we have put enough out – we seem to have to get bags quite regularly!! I did think that their natural diet may be a little difficult in all this dry weather….

    Water – a LOT of drinking areas now available and regularly topped up… I hope we’re doing all we can for the little beauties!

    Many thanks for all you do for these lovely animals

    Bye for now


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    Hi MikeDF

    Glad to hear the hogs are doing well. You’re right about the hogs relying on us more than usual in this hot dry weather, but they do seem to like keeping us guessing, so I’m not at all surprised by varying amounts of food going! All that water sounds just what they need.

    Keep up the good work!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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