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Feeding stations

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    Can anyone tell me how they feed there hedgehogs we have a problem with seagulls, we have a carport and they still come in. The hoggies food i put under a stall so far it’s been better, like someone else said no poos why is that ??
    Also when is a good time to look in there hoggy house ? and do we clean it out or do they ??
    Thanking you for any reply’s, Lesley


    Hi Lesley,
    we have a brick built food station with a very small entrance at an angle so cat/fox can’t get in.
    We also have a perspex storage box with a 10cm diameter pipe going through.
    Lots of DIY ideas on line if you don’t want to buy a purpose built one
    Best not to look in hoggy houses at the moment as if there are hoglets they must not be disturbed. A spooked mummy can leave her young.
    Us humans do need to clean them out. A good time is after hibernation if your hog is not in residence any longer. If you know there is a hog asleep in the house do not disturb.
    Be careful when cleaning. Hogs can have ticks. We take the precaution of wearing gloves and having skin covered. once all the bedding has been removed- we put it in a bin liner seal it really tight and get rid of it ASAP. I now think we might burn it in future. Then pour boiling water in the house to remove any potential tick eggs. Once dry and clean put in some dry hay and dry leaves if there are any around.
    There are much more knowledgeable people on here than me so hopefully they will correct anything I have got wrong or missed out.


    Thank you for your reply simbo65


    Just to let you know we’ve sorted the problem with the seagull, i brought one of those clear plastic boxes with a lid on, my husband made a half moon hole in the side of it, put the food in on a dish and hey presto the hoggies were back that night, we did put a brick on the lid so it wouldn’t move about.
    Last night i heard them outside my bedroom window having naught’s by the sound of it. so i might have baby’s again this year.


    Hi Lesley,
    That is great news. Just to say if you haven’t already done it and the hole is jagged just put some tape around it so the hog doesn’t cut itself.
    We have a one eyed female hedgehog who has also been misbehaving!
    I thought she might be expecting before she was caught in the act as she was nest building but I am not sure of their mating habits.
    Unfortunately she will not leave the hedgehog house she hibernated in so we can’t clean it. (We think it is probably full of ticks by now) We have built her a new palace 6 feet away but she refuses to budge.
    As hard as it is not to intervene we have decided to let nature take it’s course.
    Keep us posted if there is any news.


    Have a turned down bucket with a small hole. And build a corridor of bricks in wit a turn so no cats can enter. Maker sure to put something heavy on your bucket such as a pot with plant. Good luck!

    Edit: haha only now I read you did kind of the samen 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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