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Feeding the Hogs

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    Good evening all

    We started to feed hogs last year & they came into our garden every night, we have set up a camera so can watch them. We have now gone one step further & installed a Hog house & we have a resident. We have been putting out meat based wet dog food & crushed dry dog biscuits, they appear to like this as the dish is empty each morning, we are now wondering what else we could put out for them? We would like to give them a variety of food but do not want to give them anything that will make them unwell. They have been mating in our garden so we are hoping for Hoglets.

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    Hi Pavhog37

    Good to hear the hogs are doing well there. You don’t need to feed them anything other than you already are. The supplementary food we put out for the hogs is treat enough for them. They don’t need any extra. Many of the things which people put out for the hogs as extra treats are actually not good for them. If the hogs like the food you are providing I would stick to that. But definitely stick to cat/dog/hog food.

    Hogs, once they have got used to one type of food can be a bit fussy about having it changed – another reason for sticking to what you already offer.

    Good luck and happy hog watching.


    Hi Nic, pavhog

    I posted on another forum here but not had a reply so wondering why my visiting hogs go awol for a period of time?
    Do the females if they have hoglets still go out nightly to find food?
    Does their habits change if they have hoglets?
    I have 2 hedgehog houses & 2 stations Spikes Bistro & Spikes Diner 🦔🦔
    6 ground water bowls
    I have had 3 to 4 various hogs visiting with overnight stays in the hog hotels but just wondering what would change their habit?
    No real answers I know – but hedgehog highway is clear and no immediate changes to area.
    Thanks 🦔


    Hi Nic

    Thanks for the speedy & informative response, it is greatly appreciated, I will continue to feed them with the same food as they appear to have got very fond of it.

    Heard a strange noise from the front garden at around midnight, went out to discover a Hog snuffling under the bushes, I saw a couple of slugs on the path so guess the hog was digging out dinner! Amazing how much noise can be generated by such a small creature that you can hear it in the house.
    I will keep updating the forum with progress from my Hogs, watching them is better than the TV.


    Hi Hollyhedge

    The facilities you have provided sound amazing! Unfortunately I am new to the Hog scene so I am unable to answer your question. Nic has provided detailed responses to my posts & many other posts on this forum so I would expect the same to your post.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Hi hollyhedge

    Sorry no-one replied sooner, but I have replied to your other post. Sounds like you are providing the hogs with some good facilities there. Hopefully they will be back soon.

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    Hi Pavhog37

    You’re welcome. Always happy to help the hogs. Yes, totally agree about watching the hogs being better than TV!

    Yes, the hogs can be very noisy. I well remember hearing my first hog, many years ago – it sounded as if someone was sawing something, but when we went out to investigate (suspecting someone trying to break in somewhere) there were the two hogs! A welcome sight. I now know it would have been the female huffing as the male circled her that was making the noise.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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