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Feeling terrible!

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    Early yesterday evening I came across a small hedgehog wandering just outside someone’s front garden (well if you can call it a garden, new build
    :(. ) I was a bit like “Ooh hello, you’re a bit small” and continued in my rush to get to the shop for something I needed for dinner. It was only when I got in the shop that I thought, oh god he was small, what did he weigh, should I have picked him up!?

    I checked the BHPS website whilst I queued up as I knew that there was some confusion over weights recently and when to take them in, and then I was thinking how on earth can I weigh him as I was in a village that I get dropped off in after work until my partner picks me up, then thought Ah the butchers! Couldn’t see the hedgehog when I came out, went in the butchers to see if they would weigh him for me if I located it, went back out with a carrier bag (they would only weigh him if I put him in something and that’s what I was given), and then I loitered around this busy shopping/new housing area for about 10 minutes with only the faint light of my mobile phone to no avail. To say I felt terrible is an understatement!

    What would you have done? I am so cross with myself, I am supposed to be a hedgehog champion, I have got the books, I’ve been on a course and now I have not used my head and put anything into practice!


    I am also nowhere near this area until next week, otherwise I would be back there this evening with a head torch, and a set of scales!

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    Don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you tried and we can’t save them all. We can’t all be prepared for all hog eventualities all day every day. You did your best and there is a chance that the little one was just big enough. Hindsight is wonderful, but it is just that. And someone in the area might be feeding the little hog – you never know. Just keep an eye out next time you go that way.


    Thanks Nic! Thinking about it later it may have not been the right weight, but like you say someone in the area may also be feeding it, and hopefully keeping an eye on him.

    I’m definitely packing a pair of scales in my bag in future!

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    And don’t forget a container to put any potential hog in – complete with bedding, food and water – maybe two sets, just in case. I think you might need a trailer!


    …Oh and don’t forget a sturdy pair of gloves!

    Like Nic says, you really shouldn’t beat yourself up about it; the people who should be feeling terrible are the ones who have allowed more wildlife habitat to be concreted over. I have just started hoggie fostering and it’s amazing just how quickly they put on weight, if someone is feeding it I am sure it will be fine. The first patient was released into our garden a few days ago and he’s eating for England! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Don’t feel bad, as previously mentioned it could already be receiving food/water.

    Maybe you can go past again at the same time of day to see if it has a regular route. I have just the one visitor at the moment who does seem borderline weight, but visits same time of early evening(6-7pm), eats, drinks then gone until next day. I am also divided as to what to do… it is hard. It doesn’t seem to be in distress at all and it was pretty cold last night, think night temperatures will be a bit warmer for a while.

    This visitor is at my place of work and I will be dithering all day whether to do a drive by this evening and set up camp with box/gloves to hand. We have a franking machine at work, so that bit is OK, I can weigh it.


    Nic, I think whatever hog I pick up whilst on foot will just have to settle with a small box until I get home!

    Penny, please don’t add to the list! I’m already walking round with a rucksack with my laptop in! I’ll keep an eye out when I’m next in the area, but hopefully someone is keeping a close eye on him and giving him some food. That’s good news about the one you have just released.

    Thanks TawnyKyn, I’ll definitely be in that area again at the same time. Sounds like you’re also in a similar dilemma but at least you are able to keep an eye out for him. Hope his weight increases soon!

    Thanks again everyone for making me feel a bit better!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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