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    How can I minimise the chances of hogs fighting ?

    I’ve got two regular hogs who feed in the garden , and frequently nap in the two boxes . When they meet up they aren’t pleased to see each other ! The last week I’ve seen them fighting twice, one charges at the other and pushes it over and they both tussle and tumble about. Its not nice to see 😕.

    I’m wondering if I change things in the garden to stop them fighting , I think they argue over the boxes (they sometimes try to get in the same box ) and I presume they argue over the food (which is in a box mid way between the two sleeping boxes ) .

    I don’t want to leave food out in the open, as the neighbors cats are a right nuisance at the moment and they’ll just eat it. And I don’t want to buy another box either , these hogs are costing me a fortune as it is 😂

    Any suggestions welcome.


    Can you put a second entrance into the food box?

    To be honest as you don’t want to make another feeding station I don’t think there is much to be done.
    Having come out of hibernation they will be hungry and filling up, but soon they are more likely to be chasing the girls ( assuming that it’s 2 males in your garden – and it could equally be 2 females or one of either sex )
    Although the fighting is distressing for you to witness it’s normal behaviour for the hogs, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
    If you’re lucky enough to get youngsters in your garden you’ll often see them bowling a full grown adult of the way


    Could you move the feeding box to another part of the garden? I was told that it is not a good idea to put the feeding station too close to a nesting box because it may stop other hogs from feeding. It may help


    Thanks .

    I think the best idea would be to move the feeding box further away from the nesting boxes.

    I did see a couple of skirmishes with the wee ones last year , but these two males (I’m pretty sure) are full on charging at each other! I suppose it is normal behaviour so I will try not to look next time 🙈.

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    Hi Gr8mums

    I agree with Stef – you probably won’t be able to stop it from happening. Hogs are naturally solitary animals, and whilst they don’t have territories, as such, some will just have a go at any other one that comes into his personal space. It isn’t necessarily about food or hog houses, it’s just that they are more likely to meet other hogs at those places. I remember when I first saw one rolling another up and was worried for the poor chap who was then repeatedly butted even though he was already rolled up. But actually they are fairly cushioned by their spines and eventually unroll and carry on as normal.

    Re. the feeding out of doors – some hogs just don’t like going into boxes and prefer to eat outdoors, but I have found that a perspex type sheet on top of soil filled flower pots, seems to be acceptable even to those who don’t like boxes. High enough for hogs but low enough to make it uncomfortable for cats. I have found this works better as a cat deterrant than any boxes with corridors, small doors, etc. You could use a sheet of wood, but nice if it’s see through – for us – don’t think the hogs mind! It also has the benefit of having plenty of escape routes, and no doorways for two hogs to want to get through at once! Also easy to put out of the way during daytime and probably cheaper than a new box.



    I’ve tried to post a link to the video of them, but it might not work .


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    The link doesn’t seem to have worked, Gr8mums.


    I’m not very good with technology as you can probably tell .

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