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    Morning all, FINALLY I have a nightly visitor. I’ve had a hedgehog house and feeding station for at least a year but no takers. Last week I let my dog into the garden at 23.20 and she was transfixed by the bushes where I have the hog house. I investigated and saw the hedgehog, I can’t say how happy I was, the dog was fine with it by the way and never touched it. I bought some fresh food set the camera up, yes bought that over a year ago as well, and now have my evening visitor, got some lovely footage but the poor soul does nothing but scratch, it takes a couple of steps and has a good scratch. I’d like to ask is there anything I can do to help it if it’s got fleas. Thanks in advance from a very happy hedgehog guardian xxx


    Congratulations! I admire your dedication, I think most of us have the hedgehogs first and then make the facilities for them, but you’ve been waiting for so long. I’m glad it paid off in the end. In a way, it’s good that the hedgehog was scratching- shows that it is relaxed and comfortable in your garden. It may have been visiting for a while, and this is just the first time you (or rather the dog) noticed it.


    I’ve added a photo on the gallery showing him going from the feeding station to the hedgehog house, can’t get the video on here, much too big.


    Hogs frequently scratch a lot when they first get up. Lying on the ground they tend to pick up lots of insects etc. They will eventually scratch less as the night goes on.
    In the event that they have too many ticks etc and are no longer scratching them off then that’s when they have a problem
    Do not routinely treat any wild animal for anything
    You can clean out the house early spring once the hogs first come out of hibernation, and again late autumn before hibernation – always an idea to check if anyone is in residence before though – a stick across the doorway will tell you – if it’s pushed out then something came out and if it’s pushed in then something went in


    That’s good to know Stef. I did notice that, they have a good scratch before they’ve even come out of the house. Usually first sign that they are waking up. It must be terribly itchy to have bugs in your prickles!

    Do you think the hedgehog might have stayed over with you Flower999? That’s fantastic if they are using the hedgehog house.


    Hi Kitty878, no not staying only visiting nightly as I have the camera on overnight so I know when he (or she) comes and goes, I love getting the footage every morning and watch the comings and goings. Hopefully if they get used to it I may have someone hibernate as I’ve got bedding all ready for later in the year x


    I’d start putting bedding out sooner rather than later flower999, they like to get the winter nests ready in plenty of time and sometimes the males go into hibernation as early as September, apparently.


    Hi flower999

    Great to hear you have a visitor. It’s addictive editing hog footage, but you can get around the storage and sharing issue, by posting footage to you tube. I’ve been posting all my footage up there (I try to edit the length down as much as I can) – most nights I could easily have a couple of hours of footage, but generally edit it down to the first and last sighting. That way I also know what time ours is getting up, and going to bed.

    Better than tv this hog habit

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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