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Fire in the fields!

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    I’m lucky enough to back on to fields. And last weekend the farmer spent two days and nights, getting in the hay. The bales stacked as big as a two storey house, looked glorious in the sunshine from my kitchen window – a real picture of harvest! However, I did worry about the wildlife having to shift to pretty fast to avoid the heavy machinery!
    Yesterday afternoon some moron set fire to the stack of hay bales!
    The extent of the fire could be seen from miles around. It took two fire engine crew and the farmer to manage the spread overnight and they are still there as I write.
    I just can’t help thinking about the wildlife that may have taken refuge in the bales while is was left to dry out!
    Would hoglets have taken advantage of well stacked hay bales?
    Makes you wonder what’s going on in the world, when someone gets their kicks out of mindless acts! 😡


    Hi Hettihog, how terrible for you. I am wondering if it was set afire on purpose or if the farmer stacked it too high and wide. I believe it can set afire on its own and it did seem to be rather large. I suppose it’s possible something has got in there for shelter and can see why you are so upset, not to mention the smoke pollution that has happened as well. Hope your hogs are OK. Best wishes.


    Hi Annker
    No the police say it was one of the morons that strike fires for fun!
    This is the second deliberate large fire in as many weeks, the last one was a stack of hay bales and set alight on a windy day . On that occasion the fire spread across the field and came dangerously close to a petrol station.
    Over the last two weeks Hetty has remained in the garden, foraging and eating every scrap of food – she is packing it away! She is nearly as big as Big Bruiser now 😂


    Hi Hettihog, stupid people. Now it’s going to cost the farmer money as he will have to buy his hey! I do think it sounded like it was piled too high though, but what a waste. Glad Hetti is doing well. I have been taking some pics of the little girls we have. Trying to follow Nic’s template idea. Well, lol, they are twins as far as I can see! They totally ignore each other, Heidi gets in the feeding station first, then she’s off before Pippa gets there. Big Benny is coming later, midnight and about 3am. Heidi was wet through last night, so may have had a bath in the gravel tray.still missing 2 females and 1 male. Food is being gobbled up, so guess they know they are on the run up to hibernation. Best wishes.


    Hi Annker
    All sounds very exciting in your neck of the woods!
    Pleased your getting pics, it’s such fun watching them on camera!
    Best Wishes x


    Glad Heidi might be making use of the gravel tray – mine are just completely ignoring it – so I’m just using it as extra water to drink, if their bowl gets knocked over.

    At the moment, I only think a hedgehog would go into the gravel tray if another hedgehog biffs it and pushes it in as I made the gravel tray fairly level to the ground. The water is only about a centimetre deep so they won’t drown if they get pushed in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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