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First Hog Sighting of the Year

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    Please to say, after an anxious wait, I saw my first hedgehog last night (15th April) which was 8 days later than the past 2 years. Maybe the colder prolonged winter meant they stayed in hibernation longer and who could blame them!

    Anyway said hog looked well and a good size (so I guess it must have been active for a while) but wasn’t turning down a free meal of hog biscuits that I have been putting out for the past 2 weeks (I noticed the food was intially still there in the morning but more recently it had gone but I have never seen the diner although a did suspect a wood mouse).

    I’m pretty sure this is the same hog who spent around 6 weeks in my hog house before disappearing in October to find, I assume, its final hibernation place. Why do I think that – well firstly it has dark patches around the eyes like last years hog but, more noticably, it went straight to the exact places I put the food out last year including between the plant pots and a spot near the hog house (not that I had put any food out in those places, the hog did look a bit miffed, but thats changed tonight if it comes) which seemed to much of a coincidence (I guess it also shows it has a pretty good memory as well).

    If it follows last years pattern others will soon follow and so begins the hog gladiator games of bashing seven bells out of each other (the Rut) which I’m still not overly fond of although I know this is their natural behaviour and all part of the hog watching experience.


    Well I currently have 2 male hogs bashing the living daylights out of each other on my patio. Oh well its all natural behaviour I suppose and better this than no hogs at all of course.

    Ps all please keep signing the petition about the A24 traps as we need every signature we can get if we are to reach the 100,000 mark


    Hi had the first sighting of a hog two nights ago did not come the night before but came last night hoping they would come back after last year great news.


    Hi Dottie (19uk),

    Glad your hogs have returned this year that is great news.

    I hadn’t seen a hog in my garden for years then I had 2 turn up in April 2015 but they disappeared by the end of August, far too early, so I thought thats that and it was fun while it lasted.

    Pleased to say they returned in force in 2016 and I even had 2 hoglets (first time I have ever seen one) and again in 2017 but I never take it for granted they will return so I always brace myself for possible no shows.

    However 2018 has started well (seen 3 hogs already) albeit they were later appearing so I was getting a bit concerned but all good now.


    All 3 of mine returned around March. I think its the same 3. Looks like them. They seem very lively, well rested and hungry.


    Video calling first hedgehog for the season.

    So happy to see the first hedgehog this year! The sound I make is to get the hedgehog close. Maybe it is intrerpreted in hedgehogish to “Feeding frenzy”.

    After this I went back with food and water. Found this or another hedgehog 100 metres away. Threw food closer and closer and in the end handfed it for 20 minutes and it was drinking a long time from a plate with water I brought.

    My way of throwing food to hedgehogs without visible movement or sound. Lock the end of the thumb under the index finger with food on the end of the thumb. Put pressure on the thumb and make it throw the food.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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