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Flea treatment for hedgehogs?

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Flea treatment for hedgehogs?

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    Can anyone recommend a spray or powder that I can use on a wild hog. I did want to get ‘Johnson’s Rid-Mite’ but that seems to be out of stock everywhere (pyrethrum based). I’m aware you have to be really careful what product you use. I was thinking of using ‘Johnson’s Anti Mite Extra for Cage Birds and Pigeons – that has permethrin in it – is that ok to use?

    Any advice really appreciated! Thanks.


    Why are you treating a wild hog?


    Hi Stef, it’s a hog that’s been around in my garden for over a year, in recent months it’s been scratching alot as it goes about its business, more than any other hog I have ever observed – I think it’s a female. I’m reluctant to remove it from garden, keep it overnight, and take it off to a vet or similar the next day, so was thinking I could possibly give it a little treatment to see if that helped, and let it go on its way. What would you suggest? Thanks.


    I wouldn’t treat any animal in the wild. They are used to fleas.
    However if you are concerned and it’s affecting its eating and normal behaviour then it may be something other than fleas, eg mites, ringworm etc then you should seek a carers help / advice


    Thanks Stef. I suspect I’m too keyed in to what these hogs get up to! This hog is doing all the normal things, comes out at dusk, eats well (ARK food goes down well!), snuffles about, is wary of me/noises etc. so it could well be that I just need to let it be! I don’t ordinarily go meddling with them and leave them well alone apart from when I can clearly see they’re unwell (2 hogs I observed in the garden earlier this year during the daytime sadly had to be put to sleep by local hog rescue 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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