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Foxes around the Hedgehog feeding station.

Home Forums Hedgehog tales Foxes around the Hedgehog feeding station.

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    Advice sought as to how to deter foxes at the feeding station.
    We have a night-cam and are pleased to say that Hedgehogs have been visiting since March. We use a ridge capping tile as a lead-in tunnel to the food which we increased to two tiles as a cat reached in and pulled the food bowl out ( Charlie Bingham pie bowl ) Unfortunately someone in our village is feeding the foxes and during last year I uncovered 3 No. chicken breasts which had been cached, one of which was fresh enough to barbecue. Then last week we noticed the fox for the first time this year. On it’s second visit and quite unbelievable the fox completely disappeared up under the ridge tiles with just the tip of his tail showing and pulled the food bowl out with his mouth. Such athleticism. I have now placed a heavy large pebble just out from the entrance and this is stopping him. But he is back every night even at the same time as the Hedgehogs. Iv’e read that foxes rarely attack hedgehogs but fewer are coming each night and then last night the fox had something in his mouth. On studying the video closely the rounded shape in the foxes mouth looked to have two little legs. The fox came toward the camera and had to pass between three lengths of fishing line I had strung across to deter him. In doing so part of what was in his mouth fell and I was pleased to see it was part of a chicken breast. Wow that was long winded!!!
    So Please Help. How do we deter the foxes.
    Thank You

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    Hi Windychippy

    Luckily I haven’t had to deal with foxes where I am, but I imagine the deterrants for keeping cats out of feeding stations might help – perhaps with a bit more weight.

    I have wooden hog houses which I use for feeding. The best thing I have found for keeping cats out is to place bricks in the internal corridors (to reduce the height) and the animals have to turn back on themselves. The reduced height of the corridor seems to prevent them from turning (the cats can’t turn easily when they are flattened to get through the reduced height). Hogs are very good at getting through different shaped spaces and have no problem getting in.

    Hopefully if you are able to prevent the foxes from getting any food, they might give up visiting there.

    Some foxes don’t bother hogs too much, but some become experts at killing hogs – they wait until they unroll and pounce. That is why I find it very concerning when I hear of some people feeding foxes and hogs side by side. Just because a wild animal has behaved in a certan way in the past, doesn’t mean that it will always behave in that way – they are predators. My feeling is that hogs need to maintain a healthy wariness of foxes and all predators. I also understand that young foxes sometimes play with hedgehogs and can be the cause of serious back leg injuries or even amputations.

    I have heard reports that male human urine around entrance points to the garden can deter them but I think the jury is out on that one! But as said, if the foxes don’t get any food in your garden, hopefully they will stop visiting there. But any other ways you can think of which make life in your garden more difficult for them (without interfering with the amenity for the hogs) might help. Just be careful with what you use, that it isn’t something that the hogs could become tangled in or try to eat.

    Good luck. I hope all goes well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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