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Fussy Eaters

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    I couldn’t afford the usual brand of hedgehog biscuits (mine really like the ones sold by Riverside woodcraft) i buy recently so bought a bag I’ve not given them before from Wilko, it was cheaper, but my hedgehogs seem so fussy, try as I might they just left pretty much all of the new brand. As soon as i could afford their favourite brand, i got it for them and mixed the two together, but the crafty little things, seem to leave the biscuits they arent keen on in the dish.

    Does anyone else find their hedgehogs have preferences food wise?


    Hi Godiva57

    My visitors can be quite fussy too. The first brand of hog biscuits I offered was always left uneaten but, like yours, they do like the Riverside ones. Their first preference however is the meat-based dog food which I put out alongside the biscuits. They always eat the meat first.

    My sister also has hogs visit her garden. For the first few months they refused the dog meat but ate the hog biscuits (the brand mine turned their noses up at). Now she reports they are eating both the meat and the biscuits. She had also offered them spike’s semi-moist which went down a treat at first, but is now usually left uneaten – maybe the hog which liked it has moved on or changed its tastes!


    Hi Godiva57, both my & my partner’s hogs seem happy with either Tesco or Sainsburys dried kitten food! (I was informed by one rescue that cat/dog food was regulated unlike hedgehog food…… and it’s cheaper!!) As it’s dry food I always make sure to leave plenty of water along side it too.

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    Some hogs can become fussy about what supplementary food they will eat, but will usually adapt to something else if you stick to it. Some of the rescues apparently mix different brands so the hogs don’t get used to one type – not so easy when only feeding comparatively less hogs in our gardens, though! The important thing is that it is as good quality cat, dog or hog food (including cat/kitten biscuits) as we can manage – bearing in mind that they may eat that instead of something else, which may be better for them. If we are going to offer supplementary food to them, it’s our responsibility to do the best for them that we can.

    The thing to remember about cat/dog food is that it may be regulated (and designed) – for cats/dogs respectively, not for hogs. It does not necessarily mean that meaty hog food cannot be as good. A lot of research goes into cat and dog food to create foods specific for each species and it seems to me that hogs are more different to either, than cats/dogs are to each other. There is nothing to say that one day it might be discovered that cat/dog food is not as good for the hogs as was thought. But as things stand feeding the hogs cat/dog or meaty hog food seems the best knowledge available.

    Hedgehog Street says: “Hedgehogs will relish any combination of meat-based wet dog or cat foods, or dry cat/kitten food, as these are high in the protein that they need. Just remember, they will be getting most of their food from insects and worms in the wild, and this food is only supplementary.” and BHPS add to their advice: “TIP: Check meat is first ingredient listed.”

    It seems to me that most important thing, is for us all to make sure that our gardens are as wildlife friendly as possible and that gardens are linked by hog holes. That way the hogs can find as much natural food as they can, which is likely better for them than anything we can offer. I hasten to add that I am not suggesting stopping supplementary feeding – as things stand many gardens are not as wildlife friendly as they could be and hence don’t provide much natural food. Just that it would be great if everyone tried to make their gardens even more wildlife friendly, if they can.

    Water left available all day every day is vitally important to hogs. When it’s dry they may be able to find some natural food, but naturally found water can be very difficult, especially in dry spells and they do drink a fair amount.


    Yes, I have fussy hogs too. I bought them some proper hedgehog food (not cheap) and also some cat food.
    When they’d eaten all the dry hedgehog food I went for a cheaper brand in bigger tubs. They didn’t like it much so the birds ate it.
    So now I’m back to expensive stuff.
    They eat the cat food but only certain sachets. I know when they don’t like it as it’s still there in the morning and they’ve pooped all over it!
    I have 4 water dishes left around for them, so at least my water is acceptable.
    Bless ‘em. 🦔

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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