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Good news and bad news about my Hogs

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Good news and bad news about my Hogs

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    Well the good news is that my hogs have returned and there is much butting going on in the garden but I still have only four!

    Who’s who, well – The late baby from last year who I fed and weighed every evening to get him up to weight before he went into hibernation is back and eating well, he will be the size of the adults soon I’m sure – as I just about managed to get him to his weigh I was worried but now happy.

    The bad news is that some idiot ran over and squashed one of my females last week – I found her on the main road flat – was really upset by this event as even though I live in the city I rarely see this. Mine are really good runners, I often watch them of all things chasing one of my cats in the garden. So five down to four!

    I’m hoping the rest will make up some numbers and get mating as soon as they can I have at least two of age and hoping for the best everything else seems to be pregnant – female fox and squirrel are already gaining some weight which leads me to believe they may produce shortly.

    Fingers crossed that all the butting and grunting will produce some spectacular results!


    Oh Bernie,

    I feel your pain and anguish at such a loss. We all hope to never have to witness such scenes – but its an unfortunate inevitable – I console myself in some way by thinking that the increasing numbers of hogs will ultimately associate with increasing casualties and fatalities we see – but there is still a lot more to be done on roads and developments to support hog crossings and access etc – and such a little consideration could be significant to their survival (or not).
    Fingers crossed the breeding season produces some good healthy batches this year – and with more focus on later litters – we stand every chance of helping a few additionals through that wouldn’t otherwise make it as well.

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    Hi Bernie

    So sad to hear about your poor female hog. It must have been especially upsetting that it was one that you knew well. I keep telling myself not to get too attached to individual hogs, but it isn’t easy when you get to know them well. I found a poor hog on a road not far from here recently – it was so flattened that there was no way to identify even whether it was male or female, which seemed to indicate that multiple cars had driven over the poor thing. It wasn’t one of my current regulars because they are all still here, but may be a former visitor. It is difficult to know what could improve their chances on the roads. This one was on a link road and just about to enter a minor road, when any car should have been slowing down anyway.

    I’m glad to hear the other hogs are doing well, especially your late hoglet. One hoglet here didn’t hibernate at all (despite being heavy enough) and visited every night – except for a couple of days when the snow was too deep! Hopefully the hogs will have their babies a bit earlier this year!


    Update – all is going well in the garden – hogs appear to be in training for the olympics running they are all eating and drinking well but no babies yet – still got fingers crossed though!

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    That’s really good news, Bernie. Hedgehog Olympics! Love it! Hope there are some hoglets soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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