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Grass cutting advice

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    Hi all,
    Mr Prickles has literally just started using the house we put in for him. We have a pretty small garden and anywhere we site it, I’m frightened he’ll be distributed by our mower. We’ll have to mow some of the lawn at some point (I’m happy to keep a little patch of wild grass).

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    Hi MrPrickles@85

    You are lucky that a hog has moved in so quickly! I think if you need to mow the grass, then you’ll have to do it. If a hog has decided to move in to your hog house, it will probably get used to the noise. Just be aware that hogs may only take up residence for short periods of time, unless they decide to hibernate there.

    Please be really careful, especially if you have a long patch, that you check carefully round the edges that there isn’t a sleeping hog before using garden equipment. I always check all the edges, not only for hogs but also amphibians, slow worms, etc. (which might be in a wildlife friendly garden), before mowing. Whilst I imagine more injuries are caused by strimmers, mowers can also cause injuries. Better to have a cross hog who may have been gently prodded, than one who has been injured by a mower or strimmer.


    Cheers. He moved in for a week in July then moved out. The house was in the front garden but we thought it safer to put it in the back and he’s just started sleeping there. Got a camera set up to see if he stays for longer now. Don’t mind if he doesn’t.
    I’ll always check grass before mowing as there’s always something to sort before mowing like cat shit or similar!


    Hey MrPrickles
    I have a hog nesting under my shed. I had been feeding her for months before I realised she had decided to make my garden her home. So she has put up with all sorts of noise since the beginning of the year! I’m a keen gardener and I’m out mowing, planting, digging etc most days.
    Now I know she is there I do try to keep the noise levels down and respect her need for sleep. But I think she must have just got use to living in a noisy place, or I guess she would have moved out!


    My hog houses are within 4ft of my lawn and they don’t seem to mind the sound of my electric mower too much; I’ve had one in residence all summer so it’s either deaf or happy! Next door did disturb one with his motor mower once as I saw a hog scarper across my garden to one of my hog houses whilst he was mowing, but it’s a very, very LOUD mower! It has since moved back next door though.

    They do get used to familiar noises once they realise there isn’t a threat with it. At the beginning of hog season they get spooked by the sound of my back door opening but within a couple of weeks they’re totally cool with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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