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Happy noises

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    Two resident hedgehogs had a bit of trouble from a visitor tonight, it was circling one, so probably a female, and charging the other one forcing it to roll up, so probably a male.
    I felt quite defensive of them, but when the visitor left, they both got back to eating and were making little noises, a cross between a chirp and a purr. I take it they were happy, and as normality resumed really quickly, it couldn’t have bothered either of them at all.
    There is a third hedgehog which has either been very elusive or has only just turned up. It looks OK and it’s eating fine, but it stays in the undergrowth so I hear it more than see it. It has made an odd sound twice, like it has diarrhoea, or it might just be passing wind. It seems really healthy and I don’t want to disturb it by capturing it to take it to a vet, when it might be normal behaviour. Any advice?

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    Hi Carolyn.839

    Sounds like you’re enjoying watching/listening to the hogs!

    There are some hog sounds on this site, which you might find interesting/useful (although bear in mind they may be noises hogs in ‘care’ were making so may sound slightly different than those out in the open):

    Good luck and happy continuing hog watching!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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