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has the site been invaded?

Home Forums Champions’ chat has the site been invaded?

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    Keep seeing posts in another language? Spanish maybe… what is going on?

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    Hi laurabiding

    It seems to be Portuguese. Whatever, though, it seems completely pointless putting information about weight loss on a hedgehog forum! A bit ironic when that’s the last thing the hogs would need at this time of year!

    I believe the problem is being dealt with, so hopefully all that nonsense will be removed soon.


    Obrigada! Thought it was either me or the PC that had gone do-lally! 🙂


    Still seeing stupid post 3 hours ago. What i don’t understand is when i have posted anything it says it will be checked and is not put on for a while, so don’t know what is checked ???


    My apologise it doesn’t do a check on messages think its videos, but it is so annoying to get this rubbish. Anyway lets get back to hogs, i have had a young hog coming for about 2-3 months was very small at the start when i first seen it, but it has nested in a house which he has filled with all the straw i left outside, i have been feeding him a bowl of dog meat and he eats all of it every night . He has got much bigger now so he not hibernating at all , maybe he will if we get bad weather , its lovely to see.

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    Hi scoobysue

    Yes, it can be annoying, but such a pointless thing to do! Do they seriously think people interested in hedgehogs would be interested in that nonsense?! But sadly, there are some irritating people in the world – it has always been so. I expect those posts will be removed quite soon – they usually are.

    I’m glad to hear the little hog is doing well. The youngsters do sometimes decide not to hibernate and my experience, from the past, is that they do tend to grow – so that at the end of hibernation time they can be larger than their contemporaries who did hibernate. It’s great that you have been feeding the little hog. That’s very important as it is unlikely they would find sufficient natural food at this time of year. Hopefully you’re also offering water – very important, especially when it’s freezing weather.

    The little hog is probably welcoming the nest to shelter in between snacking and over-day. There is still a slight chance that a hog might hibernate, even this late. There have been reports on the forum of that happening.

    Good luck. I hope the little hog continues to do well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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