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Hedge Home?

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    We have a hedgehog in our front garden, it comes out every night quite late to eat the food we put out for it. Unfortunately the cats around also like the food so we keep an eye open just in case they turn up. Question is what can I put out too make sure it will be okay during the winter, it is already at home in our hedge but is this okay? What can we add to make sure it survives apart from feeding? We have stopped cutting the grass anyway and stay out of the way. Thank you.

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    Hi FunBobby

    You could get or make a hog house which they hog might choose to use for hibernation. Lots more information here:

    Some people continue to leave a bit of food out during the winter. Hogs tend to emerge for short periods during hibernation and even move nests. But also not all choose to hibernate, so keep an eye out and if the hog is still coming out for food, continue to offer food. Also make sure there is water available all day every day.

    Good luck, I hope the hog continues to do well.


    Thank you for your reply. I am still in a bit of a quandary, the hedgehog is already nesting in the hedge so I don’t want to disturb it placing another home in the hedge but is there something I can put out that they will take to add to their nest?

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    Hi Fun Bobby

    No you’re right – not a good idea to put a hog house too close to where the hog is building a nest. But if you have somewhere else in your garden to put one, it might be useful if that hog decides it wants to move nests during the hibernation season – they often do.

    It sounds as if you have a real wild hog there who likes nesting naturally! Lucky that it has your hedge there to build it in. But the hog would probably welcome lots of medium sized leaves and long grasses left nearby. they seem to like long ornamental grasses to help weave the structure together. I usually leave a pile of cut long grasses available for them as well as the leaves. They will sometimes also use a certain amount of ‘green’ material which they will ‘pick’ for themselves.

    Also if you are clearing any leaves, i.e. off lawn areas, put them in the borders/under the hedges so that the hogs are able to use them if other nests are needed later on.

    But they use huge amounts of leaves, layering them a bit like tiles, so as to create a waterproof structure. The hog should know what to do with building the nest – they are much better at it than we would be! Amazing animals!

    Good luck. Hope all goes well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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