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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings HEDGE NETTING…NEW THREAT TO OUR HEDGEHOGS!!!

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    Hideous orange netting was recently placed over large areas of hedgerows in a nearby village to prevent birds taking up residence; I wasn’t sure what is was all about until I read Hugh Warwick’s latest petition update this morning. Apparently developers are increasingly using this tactic in a bid to get around the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which forbids any disruption to nesting birds. This allows them to uproot the hedgerows at a time of their choosing, but there are increasing concerns about hedgehogs and other mammals becoming entangled, especially as hedgehogs start to emerge from hibernation. What is the point in developers pretending to be wildlife friendly and agreeing to include ‘Hedgehog Highways’ in their new developments but then destroy all the hedgerows… the key is in the name HEDGEhog!!!


    Some photos taken this morning of holes in the netting which show just how easily birds, hedgehogs and other mammals can become trapped. 🙁

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    Hi Penny

    Really outrageous that they should stoop to such levels. I suppose the bird organisations are aware of this also? Not sure how the birds are supposed to find suitable alternative nesting sites nearby when all the hedges seem to be being busily dug up and trees as well. This should be banned. As one of the articles said – not only birds, hedgehogs, etc. affected, but what about all the insects!


    Hi Nic,

    I contacted the Council and they said that it is out of their hands, but if an offence has been committed under the Wildlife and countryside Act, then I should contact the police. I am sure that under the act butterflies are protected as well as birds, so yes you are right about insects. Birds have been trapped and killed by this netting elsewhere, but when I went to look, I couldn’t hear if any were in there because of the gale force winds! Not sure the police would take any notice anyway, maybe the RSPCA need to get involved, they might just listen to them.


    Everyone sign the petition to get this grotesque and lethal netting outlawed. It is deadly for hedgehogs and birds and is an obscene way to drive out nature in the pursuit of cash….


    Here’s the address, sorry but link format not working for me


    Ah, seems to be working OK now. Please sign to protect hedgehogs and other wildlife.


    Well spotted digannio and it’s up to nearly 24,000 already in two days! 🙂


    Going back to the response Penny you received from the Council – this is in fact utter nonsense – its not ‘out of their hands’ but they always present that argument back. The local Council planning department(s) are responsible for drawing up the policies and survey requirements that developers need to adhere to before during and after build. they can put in it whatever they like – but most stick to the standard ‘protected species’ requirements as time and resource is money to them and they don’t want to risk not making a return on their sale. It simply doesn’t go far enough and if they don’t start to change it (through legislation if necessary) our wildlife will continue to decline at ever faster rates. some councils have started to mandate addition wildlife considerations in their development policies and strategies (like holes in fences etc) – you have to wonder why the rest haven’t done so and why they cant all start doing more. If they insist on eradicating the countryside in place of concrete – they shouldn’t be allowed to do so on the basis that they are and to continue to go unchallenged. Its not just their countryside – its everyones!


    Well said Jan-Marie, I couldn’t agree more. The developer’s response to the protest about the hedge netting was to rip up the hedge. Not an ideal outcome, but at least nothing else can get trapped in the netting and maybe the protests had some effect because they have planted a few trees. I spotted this painting in a charity shop just after seeing the destruction…kind of where things are heading if we don’t stand up for our wildlife and green spaces! 🙁

    I think the E Petitions website may have been hacked, no new signatures have gone on at least from this morning and possibly last night, yet the one to withdraw article 50 continues to gain thousands by the minute. My son signed it a couple of hours ago and its not been added. Brexit wrecked the last petition to save hedgehogs; let’s just hope it doesn’t wreck this one!


    I cant decide if the houses in the painting are on a hillside of just piled on top of each other – either way it looks very hot! Unbearable heat being another price we will have to pay for ripping up the trees and hedges and replacing them with concrete!
    I read a book recently about how trees communicate with each other and link underground, its quite extraordinary and beautiful – in a way never even know about until recently and still not understood. I wonder what they are saying about us humans and our actions!


    Just signed the petition, this is outrageous

    36,689 signatures when I signed it

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    Hi Penny

    I signed the petition earlier today (hadn’t got round to it earlier) and the same thing happened to me as to your son. The thank you showed that the number had increased but when I went to the actual page the number had not. I see that Jeanette says the number of 38,689 which is exactly the same number which was given to me on the thank you 2 hours ago. But if you go to the actual petition page it still showed 36,688 just now. I noticed there was a feedback option so have sent a message saying my signature wasn’t added, but they say it might take 5 days to get a reply. I wonder how many signatures have been lost. I was going to get others to sign, but think I might wait until they sort it out.

    But maybe everyone should check the numbers before and after and if they don’t change send feedback – option at the bottom of the petition page.


    I took a screen print of all the petitions at 6.30pm and all the other numbers have remained the same, none of them have gone up apart from the Brexit one which has gained another 140,000, it looks like all the signatures for whatever petition are being added to that one!!! Aready sent a complaint, but I may just send another one!


    Looks like they’ve sorted out the gremlins, its over 48,000 now! 🙂

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