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Hedgehog Coughing

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    One of my regular visiting hogs is making a cough like sound. I have read online it is possibly lung worm. Last year I had another one who was making the same sound, when I contacted a hedgehog rescue centre they said there was nothing they could do as if it was removed it might be leaving behind dependent hoglets. It came for its supper for most of the summer and then just stopped coming, although others did the same. The hedgehog this year is possibly a juvenile so not the same hog, Has anyone else experienced this and if so what would you advise me to do?


    I had a hedgehog last year who seemed to be sneezing. I did take it to the local vet who kept her in for 3 days and gave her antibiotics. They never confirmed she had lung worm.
    This was last winter before she finally hibernated so no hoglets around.
    I don’t know how to advise on this. Is it definitely a girl?
    Hopefully someone with more knowledge will answer you.
    I would still ring BHPS ASAP and see what they say.
    Good luck and keep us posted


    Hi –

    Just to say, our trip to Hospital recently with an injured Hog resulted in him getting a full ‘health check’ which included faecal tests for ‘Lungworm’ – which apparently can cause similar coughs & will kill if left untreated..

    I double checked with ours as he came ‘home’ coughing harshly before settling down – but he was given the all clear – seemingly, he was just clearing his throat! Dry environments can trigger them, too..

    Reading up on it, if you have a nesting box or feed station with bedding, it’s recommended to change it fairly regularly as Hogs are fairly messy in their toilet habits..!

    Good luck – if you’re able to get it to your local vet or wildlife centre, I understand the test is fairly quick & definitive..?


    Thank you simbo65 and Puds for your responses which were very helpful. After speaking to a local hedgehog rescue centre (which gave me conflicting advice last year) and being given advice from an experienced hedgehog rescuer I have an appointment to take Tiggy and Winkle to the vets tomorrow (as I have also found a hedgehog who has quite a few ticks on his head and face.


    Hog is currently at the vets where tests confirm it has a chest infection, it is then going to a hedgehog rescue centre to complete its treatment then it will be returned to me.


    That is good- How about the ticky hog?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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