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Hedgehog dreaming??

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    One of by resident hogs is so noisy in my garden at night i can hear it exploring in my neighbours garden when i go out to put the food out about 10pm. I sometimes stand still in the garden and can here it make its way to one of the feeding stations. The others are very quiete so i will only see them if im sat in the garden for a little while
    My question is do hogs dream as my noisey hog can be heard in ‘his’ nesting home making sime wonderful noises lol

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    Hi Georgie120

    There’s a question – do hogs dream! The answer is, I don’t know. Not sure how anyone could find out!

    But seriously. There are two possibilities that come to mind about the noises.

    One is that it could be a female who was being courted by a male out of sight. That sound is a rhythmic sort of huffing noise.

    Another possibility is that it might have a lung infection or lungworm and be having laboured breathing. If you think this might be the case you could find your local carer by ringing the BHPS 01584 890801 and ask their advice. You would be able to explain it much better to them than is possible on the Forum.

    Re. the noises in the box. It could be a hog grunting as it re-arranges the bedding. I have heard hogs making quite a lot of noise in boxes, but usually including a certain amount of what sounds like moving stuff around. i.e. scraping, etc.


    Hi Nic
    Thank you for your advice. I contacted Prickles rescue at Cheddar. They sent a lovely man to pick Snorty up to check him/her over. Couldnt check sex as curled into a tight ball. Whilst he was here he checked the other hogs out. Apparantly i have 3 very large hogs. Other two healthy again curled up tight so dont know sex. May have 3 large males or possibly pregnant females 😍
    Keep you posted on snorty..hopefully its nothing serious and have him/her back in next few weeks

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    Well done getting snorty checked out. As you say, hopefully nothing too serious and that they can treat him/her quite easily, if necessary. It’s always useful to know the whereabouts of your local rescue centre, in case of emergencies.

    Hope snorty will soon be back home – but will he/she still be called snorty?!

    Good luck with them all.


    Hi Nic
    Haha. Phoned to find out if they had scanned for pregnancy doing it this week. If she is then depending how far along she is they may keep her until the litter is weaned. Have asked for her to come back though. Will keep you updated. Little one saved because of your reply πŸ™πŸ‘


    UPDATE :Snorty Hedgehog. Snorty if a lady and a pregnant lady 😍. So will stay at Prickles Hedgehog Rescue until she gives birth and hoglets are weened also learnt that when they are ready they will also come to my garden. One happy hedgehog champion 😍

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    Hi Georgie120

    That’s good news. Well done for getting her help! So pleased for you. Look forward to the next instalment. Good luck Snorty!


    Great help from you Nic. Learnt so much from this site πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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    Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say, Georgie120, nice to be appreciated. I’m always happy to help hogs when I can, but you are the one who picked out the right bits of information and got help for snorty!

    Yes, this is a brilliant site. I have learnt a lot from it too, both from the Forum and all the other information on Hedgehog Street.


    That is such lovely new. Good luck Mrs Snorty.
    Keep us posted on how her and the hoglets do. Sooooooooooo exciting.
    Hoping out favourite and only one eyed hedgehog Cyclops might be pregnant too. She has had lots of male attention!

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