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hedgehog food

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    Hedgehog Food

    An article in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine of 20th April says hedgehogs should be fed meaty cat biscuits, meaty cat & dog food food or special hedgehog mix. They should not be fed bread, milk, nuts, mealworms or sunflower seeds.

    ‘My’ hedgehogs have turned up their snouts at cat biscuits and premium hedgehog food from the RSPB shop and for the past two years have supplemented what natural food they find with peanuts which I put out each evening. Last night I saw two adults & what I presume to be one of last year’s hoglets all at the food station. They eat a handful of nuts each a night & so far they seem to have come to no harm.


    Hi Florence,
    I am not an expert but the new thinking is that meal worms nuts etc can in the long term damage the hedgehog bones. They lovvveeee these things and can get an addiction. I have asked about this previously and it is advisable to wean the hedgehogs off slowly.
    There is a feeding guide on this site.
    I had about 4 or 5 hedgehogs last year and 3 so far this year and they are very happily eating ARK hedgehog food.
    Re milk- Again as much as they like it hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and it can give them a very bad tummy upset.
    Hope that helps a bit.


    Many thanks, I did wonder what the thinking was behind the ‘no nuts’ advice but will try to gradually wean them off the nuts now. I’ll give the ARK food a try again although it hasn’t been well received in the past. Failing that, it’ll be tinned dog meat again.
    Very grateful for the advice, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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