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Hedgehog in garden now

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    Just seen hedgehog using feeding station,then it returned to what i think is a nest under log store.
    Why would it be out in daylight?
    Also large hog defficating quite a lot in one of the feeding stations every night ,do they do this only in breeding season to mark territory?

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    It might be a female with youngsters. They do sometimes come out during the day. The fact that it disappeared into what you think is a nest sounds promising. But keep an eye out. If the hog starts spending a lot of time out in the open, or looks as if it’s sunbathing or behaving strangely, then it might need help.

    If you do become worried about it being out too long. You can find contact details of your nearest hog carer/rehabilitator from the BHPS on 01584 890801. You could explain what is happening more precisely to them and they will be able to advise you as to whether they think any action needs to be taken.

    I’m guessing you have water around as well. That’s very important for the hogs 24 hours a day – exactly for this sort of situation.

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    Just noticed you’ve added a bit about poo. Seems a perennial question!

    Some hogs just seem to poo quite a lot at feeding stations. I, personally, have found that it’s more likely when there are more hogs around. (i.e. when only one hog is visiting, at a time, there are less or no poos in the feeding area) Why it is, exactly, I’m not sure. I have heard said that they have a short digestive tract so food passes through quicker, but that doesn’t explain, to my satisfaction, why it doesn’t always happen – i.e. when there is only one hog around. I have wondered whether, sometimes, there might be an element of nervousness involved (with hogs meeting up – which is more likely to happen at a feeding area – they are normally solitary animals, apart from breeding and rearing young – rearing is done by only the female) but not really sure. They don’t seem to take much notice of the poo, though.

    Hogs don’t have territories, as such. They have ranges, which can overlap. So that, a male hog, in particular, might defend his ‘personal space’, for instance, from another hog by showing aggression, but isn’t defending a territory.


    Thanks Nic
    We have 4 hogs visiting 2 feeding stations and 4 nest boxes,plenty of water as we have large pond with shallow ledges, 2 of the hogs are last years young,we watch their antics and the foxes on a camera system from our study pc.
    This hog looks like it has chosen to nest under our log store, will have to get another camera set up.


    We regularly have hedgehogs in our garden at night but today I saw one in at 6pm – at least 3 hours earlier than they usually appear. It looked fine, was moving ok & didn’t appear injured but did seem quite small. I gave it some food which it spent a good 30 minutes eating then went over to the water bowl. Is the fact it is out in daylight anything to worry about? It came and went by different routes but one that our regular visitors use.


    Pollysmum, I think Nick’s response above to someone else’s question (10.14) probably covers your question, maybe you missed it. Keep an eye on the situation and report to the helpline if you are worried.


    FYI in late June/early July every year we have hogs about during the light evenings, I once had 5 on the lawn at 19.30 and a 6th under the photinia! It appears to be perfectly normal around here and provided they’re doing what hogs do (eating, drinking, doing naughties, sniffing about, stealing my stuff etc etc) then I don’t worry about them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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