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Hedgehog Inactive Is Night (Possibly Unwell?)

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Hedgehog Inactive Is Night (Possibly Unwell?)

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    Jenny the Hedgehog (who lives in my next-door neighbour’s garden but comes to mine every night to feed) hasn’t gone back to her nest next door this morning. As I have pet ducks, I have a duck house in my garden though the ducks themselves never use it and it’s typically used by the feral cat colony I care for. Last night at 10:30 I saw that the hedgehog was eating from the food I put out for the cats (inside the duck house). About 15 minutes later she burrowed under the bedding and hasn’t come out since. She has still been eating, however, as I replenished the food and water bowls for her (and gave a different bowl to the cats). I’m concerned she may be unwell but thankfully she does still seem to be eating and drinking. Does anybody know what may cause this behaviour?


    Hi StarCipher
    I’m getting unusual behaviour from my female resident at the moment. She’s started to come out later and goes in and out of the hog house frequently during the night. Last night I didn’t catch her on the camera at all but I know she’s there because I heard grunting sounds about 5pm. I saw her mating about a month ago so I’m wondering if she could be pregnant or has already given birth. If so she could be out in the daylight and I’ve put out food and water in a secure feeding station today just in case. Our experts may have a take on this.


    Hi. Thanks for your response.

    I was wondering if Jenny might be pregnant and if she’s chosen the duck House as a nest to give birth in, but I really have no idea. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway, rather than her not feeling well. To be honest, I don’t even know that she’s a female. I call her Jenny after Jennifer Lopez.


    Gestation is approx 32 days so both are likely to be nesting

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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