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Hedgehog Neighbours

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    Are you there Penny? I have just discovered a new hedgehog loving near neighbour. Hope to meet up with them sometime soon.

    6 hogs again last night. One of them quite small, which unfortunately was chased into a hog box by one of the bully boys and then slunk off without getting any food. Poor little thing!


    Hi Nic,

    I’ve just been out putting up a poster outside the local primary school, it’s a shame that they’re now on holiday for two weeks. Great news about your hog friendly neighbour. Believe it or not, I am not great at making conversation with strangers, but I can talk about hedgehogs for hours!

    Well, all hell broke loose here on the patio on Saturday night. This was the worst fight by far caught on camera. It was truly shocking and who was at the heart of it – yep you’ve guessed it – the old boy Simba! As I have said before, most hogs when confronted by Simba either run for cover, or roll into a ball and allow themselves to rolled unceremoniously around the patio, but this was different. Simba tried to drag the other hog out of the terracotta hedgehog house and it was having none of it. They locked jaws and violently threw each other around for almost twenty minutes. What makes matters worse, is that I’m not even sure that the other party was a male, but I do know that it wasn’t the ‘gentle giant’. I’m half tempted to put a video together, as an insight into what they really get up to, but I don’t want to shatter their cute and cuddly image! Thankfully there was no blood spilt on the patio, so hopefully they’re both ok.

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    Hi Penny

    Sounds like the fight I saw here. They looked like terriers shaking a rat! Never seen that until this year. There is just normally a lot of biffing going on – some of it looking rather aggressive but nothing like a full blown fight. But after the first few fights, they have reverted to biffing again. So maybe just getting the ‘pecking order’ sorted out again.

    Tigger who was in one of the previous fights is now getting biffed again by all sorts of ‘people’.

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    So, Penny, what do you think of the new lay out? I like having the extra big box to write the messages into.


    Yes the new bigger box is much better, but where is everybody? It’s a bit lonely on here at the moment.

    A terrier shaking a rat is a very good description; it’s very hard to watch. I forgot to mention who the victor was… Simba of course, the old rogue even did a victory lap right in front of the camera.

    Poor old Tigger, it can’t be easy being a hog at the bottom of the pecking order.

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    Hi Penny

    I think it is because it is supposed to be being tested that no-one else is here.

    I guessed Simba would be the victor. Personally, I think it is unlikely that the other one was a female. Biologically/logically it wouldn’t make sense for a female to fight back to that extent. But never say never! Here it is mostly males around at the moment. The ‘regular’ girls haven’t returned, and they don’t tend to until later than the boys.

    I haven’t seen poor Tigger for the last few nights, except on the camera. He is one of the poor chaps who have excessively large blobs of who knows what on him. Apart from anything else, It is counter productive putting such large areas on the poor hogs. It limits the numbers of variations you can make, etc.


    Ooooh gosh! Are we back? Naughty Madge wiping the forum like that. I shall have words.

    (yes, I know 😉 )

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    Hi William C

    Is that Madge in the photo?! I suppose you saw that she had the hogs at Penny’s sabotaging her car as well. She has been busy!


    That photo is, I think, Madge as a young girlie (3″ long) 3 years ago, you can see the evil intent in her face. In fact I’d thought it was a young bloke and called it Kim Young Un cos it looked so bad.

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    Good to see her madgesty in person! How could you think she was a bloke!
    Glad you and Madge are back to give us all a laugh.


    Hi Everybody
    Love the new website now I have managed to sort myself out and get back in…not very techie!
    So far have 3 hedgies coming to dine. Last year my max all at once was 8 so be interesting to see how many return. Love seeing them come back and stuffing their ‘sweet’ little faces. It does seem as though my bully boy might be back as there was a lot of shoving and pushing around the patio last night and it looked like it was him doing it!
    So looking forward to hearing what Madge will be upto this year to terrorise you William!! 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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