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Hedgehog Noises

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    I would urge anybody interested in our little spikey friends to make themselves aware of hog noises.
    I can’t remember if there was something on this site, or I googled it, but wherever it was, it saved a hedgehogs life last night.

    I knew a hog was nest building in my garden, because I saw her, and then a couple of days later, I heard ‘baby birds’ at the top of my garden, so went to look, only to realise as I walked up the garden, that the sound was coming from were she was taking her nesting material.
    I googled ‘what do baby hedgehogs sound like’, and sure enough, the exact same noise as ‘the baby birds’
    On that same site, it had 10 noises hogs make, and what they mean.

    Last night, I put the food out as normal for my hog. She came out, filled her belly and wandered off.
    I went to bed.
    About 45 mins later, my missus woke me and said she can hear a duck.
    I listened, and sure enough, I heard the duck. Then I remembered the hedgehog noises, and one of them was a duck type sound. I looked it up again, and needed to know what it meant. It was either a young juvenile, telling you its hungry, or a hedgehog in distress, usually trapped.
    I headed up the garden with a torch but couldn’t see her. She sounded as though she was right in the top corner, but as there was no sign, I wondered if she was in next doors garden.
    I went upstairs to look out the window, in to their garden. The stress calls kept coming.
    I rang Matt next door. Asked if he’s heard ‘the duck’. He had. I told him it was a hog. He was now looking out of his upstairs window. I asked him what the solid figure was just below his back gate. He thought it was a wheel off a wheelie bin.

    I asked if he would mind going down and checking, because it could be the hog, so he did.
    Sure enough, Mrs Hog had tried to get under his gate and got stuck.
    Matt got his cordless screwdriver and started removing the screws on his gate hinges. Within 2 minutes we had her free.
    I checked her over, took her back in my garden, she laid for a minute ot two and then scarpered.

    She seemed OK. The rest of her food was gone this morning, so will see how she is tonight.

    Massive thanks to Matt for being a star and coming to the rescue

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    Hi Malleye

    Great to hear there was a good ending. Well done to you for all the trouble you went to and to Matt for taking the gate off for the hog! Great to hear there are people out there willing to go to so much trouble for our hog friends.

    Fingers crossed that the youngsters are all fit and well and you will soon see them out and about.

    Maybe you could put the link where you heard the hog sounds here – might be useful so everyone can check them out.

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    Thanks, Malleye, that’s great.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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