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Hedgehog not using its nest?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Hedgehog not using its nest?

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    Hi all!

    This is the first year I’ve noticed hedgehogs in our garden. In my excitement, I bought a wooden “hedgehog home” online and filled it with hay. A female hedgehog took to it instantly and I saw her on multiple occasions taking leaves and sticks into the house to make her nest cosy! On one occasion I even saw her collecting leaves frantically during the day, so wondered if hoglets might be imminent.

    It’s now been a few days and she doesn’t seem to be using the nest. Some nights she will show up and add leaves to it, while other nights she doesn’t show up at all. Either way, she hasn’t been staying in the nest during the day at all as our wildlife camera always shows her leaving before dawn.

    Does anyone know what’s going on? Could she be building nests at multiple sites? Did she decide not to use this one? I haven’t seen her in two nights so I’m going to leave out some food tonight in the hopes of tempting her back (I had to stop leaving it a while back as neighbourhood cats had discovered the free food! Hopefully they’ve forgotten about it by now…).

    Any guidance on hog behaviour or tips and tricks much appreciated! I’ve been leaving the nest alone and would so love her to come and raise her babies in it!


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    Hi meeshlz

    It’s possible she made more than one nest. Apparently they sometimes do at hibernation time, but also possible that she is planning on using it later. Not always easy to tell with hogs! She could also be a youngster practising.

    I would keep offering some supplementary food and don’t forget the water. It’s important to leave water available for the hogs all day every day. You might find you need to create some king of cat resistant feeding area. If she is definitely a she and has produced young somewhere nearby, she might appreciate refreshments.


    Hi Nic

    Thanks so much for the info. I’m new to hog behaviour but trying to learn, so appreciate all your tips and info!

    Thankfully the food and water has tempted at least one hog back so things are looking up 🙂 Going to investigate a cat free feeding area, as one sneaky tom keeps coming and taking his chances! Thankfully, the hog got there first last night!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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