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Hedgehog out in early evening and mess in feeding station

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Hedgehog out in early evening and mess in feeding station

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    Hello, not sure if I have a sick Hedgehog but the other day I saw one of the hogs that visit my garden in the early evening, it just walked to the feeding station, eat and then went under a tree (maybe where it lives), this was 3 days ago. Today I went to re-fill the feeding station and there was poo all around the feeding dishes and some of it was very watery, which is not what I usually see.

    I am not sure if this is a problem or if one of the hogs that visit is ill, but maybe you could give me some advice on what to do?




    Just an update, I found the little hog in the garden yesterday and found him sleeping outside in the early afternoon, phone the BHPS and took the poor little hog to the local vet who is now looking after him.

    The vet thinks he is unwell but will recover, will hopefully pick him up on Wednesday.

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    Hi Richard

    Sorry no-one got back to you – well done for ringing the BHPS and getting the little hog to the vet. Hope he’s o.k. – let us know how he got on.


    Just a quick update, spoke to the Vets today and the little hoglet is doing well, they have given him a full MOT and nothing is seriously wrong but they are keeping him in for a few more days as his breathing is not great and will be treating him for lungworm and hope to pick him up on Friday when I will be able to re-introduce him into my garden.

    Any advice on his re-introduction would be great.


    What a journey I have had with this little hog, after putting the hedgehog back into the garden, I did not see him for a few days and then yesterday he was out again in the day, falling asleep outside. I phoned the BHPS again and we discuss the fact that he might have got confused when at the Vets and lost his idea of sleeping during the day and only coming out at night. During our discussion, the lady suggested putting the hog in the house in my shed with a protected area for him to roam, then only put food out a night which hopefully will allow him to get back into the normal routine again. I did this, what a mess he made during the night, but he has slept all day and I have moved the home outside again and cross fingers he is back to normal. I hope I have done the right thing.


    You are being so kind. How big is he? Has he come out of hibernation from your garden? Please let me know how he is doing.


    hi Simbo65, he is smallish, the Vet said he was young, I also hope he is ok, it is too dark for me to see if he is out, but I will check him in the morning, unfortunately my field cam is out of action at the moment, so I have my fingers crossed that he finds his way back in to the home.


    Hi Richard. Keeping everything crossed. We get so attached to them. We took 3 to the vet last year and I got so worried. One had his back leg amputated. We released him back into our garden but only saw him once after that. I still hope he will come back.
    I hope your little boy makes it. If he knows you have food and water hopefully he will be back.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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