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Hedgehog pairs

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    I have 2 hedgehogs using the hog house in my garden, They have been actively using it for a couple of weeks now. Both fully grown, one slightly smaller than the other. Do Hedgehogs often roam in pairs in the spring?

    P.S You need to sort the Captcha out nearly 50 clicks. May put me off returning

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    Hi ElCid

    It’s possible that one or both hogs have been in hog care during the winter – where they are sometimes kept together. It’s also possible the small one is the larger one’s hoglet who is being a bit slow at ‘going it alone’. There’s no real way of knowing. But in general completely wild hogs are solitary animals except during courtship and when they have hoglets. Usually in these sort of cases one or other eventually moves on so that they have a sleeping place each.

    Re. Captcha. Yes I know it can be annoying. Sometimes it seems endless but other times it lets you through with nothing to solve at all. The good thing is that hopefully it stops there being even more spam posts appearing – those can be very annoying, too! Pre-Captcha there have been times when every topic has been filled with lots of spam posts with text in foreign languages – pages of them – which effectively stopped the forum operating as it should until it was sorted out. So, please don’t be put off returning – fingers crossed you don’t need quite so many clicks next time. But Captcha does have an important purpose.



    Ok, cheers. The hedgehogs seem to be residing here every night now, still 2.

    Captcha, this time 96 clicks. I do not agree with your points, Ok a captcha to register, fine. Once registered you know we are now human, so it is an imposition that is annoying and wastes my time, I am also disabled with fine hand movements difficult, so becomes really frustrating and exacerbates my issues. I implore you to sort it out, as i will not return if i have to click more than 5 time again. Funny once logged in you make us captcha to post to so now another 14 to add to the 96.

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    Hi ElCid

    Sorry to hear about your further problems with Captcha. Also, sorry I’m not able to sort it out myself – just a hedgehog champion on the Forum the same as everyone else, but have been around for quite a while, so know the history of previous problems. But I do know there has been a huge amount of spam messages on the Forum recently and that the powers that be are trying to sort out the problem. I completely take your point re. ‘once registered you know we are now human’ but some of the spam writers post multiple messages and they need stopping. They just don’t seem to realise that hedgehog lovers aren’t interestsed in all that nonsense!

    96 clicks really does seem excesive, though and I can understand your frustration. All I can say, is please don’t give up posting if there is something you want to say. These events of large numbers of spam posts tend to go in phases and I suspect the Captcha thing is reacting to that and causing those increased clicks – hopefully things will calm down a bit soon. I’ll email those in charge and draw attention to your problems. If you want to email them yourself as well, the email address is below.

    That’s interesting that the two hogs are still sharing. I sometimes think they like to keep us guessing!



    OK have built a second home just in case.
    The first home has moss and ferns being taken in. I will reposition the camera above them to monitor them more. I feed about 30g dry 30% meat cat food, they seem to like it. I do not want them relying on me to much. There is fresh water for all animals.

    Captcha only 17 this time.

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    Hi ElCid

    Sounds like a good idea making a second home. Great news that nesting material is being taken in to the first house. Fingers crossed that it’s a female planning on using it for a birthing nest.

    Re. the feeding – that sounds good. What we provide is best if it’s supplementary to what the hogs can find, which is why it’s so important that we all make our gardens as wildlife friendly as possible, so that they can find lots of natural food.

    Glad to hear about the water – vitally important, especially in these long dry spells.

    I’m pleased that Captcha is behaving a bit better for you now.

    Happy hog watching!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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