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Hedgehog – poorly eye

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    Hi there,
    So sorry, but I’m not sure how to load images (the site crashed every time I try). I have a hedgehog with either an injured or infected eye. It’s eating and drinking well (been here for 40 minutes going from food to water and back again) but shies away from other hedgehogs that aren’t a sibling…

    …should we be worried/contact a carer?

    Many thanks!


    Yes. I would try and catch the hedgehog and take to your local carer or straight to a wildlife vet if you know who does it for free in your area.
    Is it a hoglet?

    I have 2 visiting hedgehogs both with eye problems-Cyclopsina and Crem.
    Cyclopsina has either had treatment before she turned up here or was born that way according to our vet.
    Crem has turned up recently and I think may have been released nearby from the local wildlife centre.

    They both do really well with one eye.

    I think it is always worth getting a hedgehog looked over if in doubt.

    Please let us know what happens


    Thanks so much! The eye is clean but having never seen this little hog before, or an eye like that I worried! The little one actually stayed for an hour 40 moving between food and water – they went away once but came back sharpish with a hoglet! I’ll be sure to contact a local career and ask for advice.

    Aww- so sorry to hear that you have seen this happening too :o(


    Hi There
    I’m sad to say that we did capture the little one and after taking her to a local wildlife cater, they opted to X-ray and found a badly broken jaw. It was decided that the kindest thing was to put the little one to sleep- very sad, but we hope to have done the right thing


    So very sad to hear this.
    We can only do what we feel is best at the time for the little hedgehogs
    I wonder how it got a broken jaw- a strange injury.
    We recently found a 115gm hoglet in the garden, rushed it to the vet but sadly it was also put to sleep.
    We can only try our best to help and an injured hedgehog in pain that has to be put to sleep, is hopefully a mercy to the little thing.
    I hope you see more hedgehogs.
    Let us know.


    Oh no, I’m so very sorry to hear about your little hoglet. I know we do what we can, but it’s so sad when one doesn’t make it through. We’re taking solace in hoping we saved it a lot of pain and keeping a close eye on the others we see regularly. We have 5 regular hogs and they’ve started to introduce their young – very exciting!!

    In terms of our poor girl with a broken jaw, we aren’t sure how that happened. We do have badgers nearby but otherwise live in a quiet lane full of hedgehog saviours!


    That’s lovely you have young being shown the ropes by mummy.
    Sadly not been a successful summer here for the hoglets and I also have a strong feeling that mum hasn’t survived either.
    I have been very upset about it all but keep telling myself that each one we help at least gives them a chance of survival.
    Happy hog watching.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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