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Hedgehog rattling

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    I was out in the garden tonight with a hedgehog and it was making this funny rattling sound. What do you think? Does it need veterinary attention?


    Unfortunately I can’t seem to add a video I have however posted on my local Facebook page.

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    Hi NorfolkHedgehog

    It not easy to say without hearing it, but it may need some help, i.e. possibly have some infection or lungworm. So I would try to find details of your nearest carer from the BHPS 01584 890801. They have volunteers who man the phones out of hours. Then contact your nearest carer and you can describe the situation to them in more detail.

    Good luck.



    I’ve just posted a video. Thanks

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    Hi NorfolkHedgehog

    What I recommended still stands. I would try to contact your nearest carer. Although I couldn’t hear it very well, it could be a breathing problem.


    Thanks. I contacted our local wildlife sanctuary and they want me to catch it tonight and bring it tomorrow for them to treat while I wait. I said I was concerned in case it had Hogwarts but they did say they would be able to check if it was a female and if it was lactating. The only thing I forgot to ask although I’m sure they can tell me tomorrow as when I then return home with it do I release it then or do I have to wait until night time?

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    Hi NorfolkHedgehog

    Probably a bit late now (I’ve only just seen your question), but it depends on whether the hedgehog has hoglets. If she has the carer hopefully advised.

    But normally (with a hog without hoglets) I would leave a hog in the release box and then open it as it got dark to allow the hog to leave it as it chose. I would place the box pretty much where you caught the hog. At this time of year if it’s hot, I would keep the hog indoors until evening, so it doesn’t get too hot. Definitely don’t leave it in the sun. I have found that some hogs take hours to come out but others come out fairly soon.

    Hopefully the hog has already been treated and is safely back home by now.


    Hi NorfolkHedgehog
    What happened to your rattling hedgehog? I have one in my garden which makes the same noise. If it turns out yours was unwell with ?lungworm? or other breathing difficulties then I will catch mine and get some help for it. Thanks!

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    Hi LaLaLara

    You really need to get the hedgehog checked. Don’t wait for NorfolkHedgehog to reply – may not be a regular visitor to the Forum – no way of knowing. It’s hibernation time so it’s important that the hog is checked before it disappears to hibernate.

    You can get contact details of your nearest carers from BHPS on 01584 890801.


    Hi Nic
    I have spoken to a vet who will take the hog. I just captured it in a cardboard box, it’s now in the box in the bath, much to the chagrin of the cats (don’t worry I’ll keep the bathroom door closed). The vet wil check the hog tomorrow.
    Thanks for all your help and advice

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    Hi LaLaLara

    Well done for capturing the hog. I hope all went well at the vets.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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