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Hedgehog sighting during the day

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    Hi, We put a hedgehog house in the garden last year as we had seen one in the garden most nights for about a month.We looked in the box yesterday and were so pleased to see one asleep. Last night we saw it exploring the garden then today mid morning we saw it again roaming round then going back in to the box. Is it normal for them to come out in the day time. I’m worried we might have disturbed it and maybe woke it up early. We have put biscuits out tonight and already they have gone.

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    Hi Sal166

    In general it’s not a good idea to disturb them in their homes, but you said that was yesterday, so possibly not the cause. It isn’t normal for them to be out during the daytime. It might have come out because it was really hungry, or thirsty, so you did the right thing offering food. But don’t forget to offer water all day every day – very important. They are probably more likely to be able to find some food in the wild than water. But I would also continue leaving food out.

    Often being out during the day is a sign that something is amiss, but at the moment it might be difficult to find a hog carer/rehabilitator because of this virus. But if you see the hog out again, and especially if it looks as if it’s sunbathing or behaving oddly, it would be a good idea to ring the BHPS on 01584 890801 to find your nearest carer/rehabilitators and take their advice. You will be able to explain exactly what the behaviour was to them. Hopefully it will be o.k. having had a good feed.

    Good luck.


    Hi, very similar, I have been feeding a hhedgehog for about a week, got some video footage of it, but then saw it out two mornings so in put it in a box and texted my local hedgehog carer who said to keep it inside for a few days a feed it up. But I’m not sure there is anything wrong with it and feel bad for keeping it in a box. I did weigh it and was under 400gs so maybe it was very hungry and thirsty after hibernation? Should I put it back outside? We do have a home but I think it goes under a bush. Thanks

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    HI CJSuffolk

    I would do as advised by the hog carer. The hog sounds quite light and I expect you’re right, probably came out during the day because it was very hungry/thirsty – so would probably benefit from a bit of feeding up before releasing again. As I understand it, it’s normally recommended for a hog who has been in captivity to be 600g before releasing, because they tend to lose a bit of weight on release. Hopefully it will put on weight quite quickly.

    If it’s otherwise healthy, I wouldn’t keep it in too warm a room, so that it won’t find it too much of a shock to the system when it comes to release time. But provide a nice ‘nest’ of either a small towel it can burrow under or paper torn up in strips. Leave it a constant supply of water. They’re very good at spilling it, so you might need to check from time to time during the day.

    If Stef’s around, she may be able to add something to this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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